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Editing our photos has become indispensable nowadays when social media is very popular. You may want to make your photos more vivid by giving effects in daily life, you may want to edit your photos in influencer style. Now you can make your own photo edits easily and perfectly with the apps that we will recommend to you!


It is indispensable for users who do not like to play with the photos a lot because it is very easy to use and has natural-looking effects. Vsco enjoys incredible popularity among photographers. The reason for this popularity is that its predefined settings can be accessed very quickly. Naturalness stands out in most of the effects, and with its highlights, it can produce even better results than HDR photos.

If you want to make easy and practical editing, you can easily select and apply effects and settings. Apart from that, there are many arrangements you can make; Apart from features such as exposure, highlights, shadows, white balance, you also have options such as correcting and verifying the perspective.

Platform: IOS (4.3/5) | Android (4.2/5)

Price: Free (Premium membership paid)


The Snapseed app is a Google app that aims to strengthen Google’s photo-related capabilities and now has powerful photo editing tools and filters that you can use on your smartphones or tablets. The color scheme, selectable color panel, well-organized control panel, the presence of a healing brush and the filters that are well combined with them do not let their users down. It has got 29 tools and filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, etc. There are also fun and different filters such as image analysis feature and one-touch analysis feature, special settings to change your photos, specific objects or areas, drama, classic, grunge, and tilt-shift.

Platform: IOS (3.9/5) | Android (4.5/5)

Price: Free (Premium membership paid)

3.Adobe Lightroom

When you need a simple and effective way to process, retouch and catalog dozens or hundreds of photos, Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing software around. A high powered but relatively easy to learn photo production and editing tool, professional and serious photographers use Lightroom in the same way traditional movie photographers use darkroom.

Lightroom automatically saves your images to the cloud and lets you edit them using the same or similar Lightroom interface, whether you’re using your phone, tablet or computer.

For those who need to edit their photos no matter where they are or what device they’re using, there’s no better option than Adobe Lightroom. With rich and powerful technology that includes some of the best photo editing tools anywhere, Lightroom lets you work on all your full-resolution images on all your devices, helps you become a better photographer with great learning tools, and produces top-quality final images.

Platform: IOS (4.8/5) | Android (4.3/5)

Price: Free (Premium membership paid)

4.AutoDesk Pixlr

This application is impressive with its full toolbar, and its interface is also very successful. If you are looking for a program with preset settings for you, with a variety of options on the control panel, and an interface that will not tire you at all, here is the application you are looking for. In addition to this, it also includes features that we now call indispensable such as color and contrast arrangements, blur settings, overlapping exposure, and red-eye correction. With different and colorful options such as brightness and shadow arrangements, pre-defined photo styles, the chance to use frames and stickers, and the ability to add text, it may be the exact application you are looking for social media sharing.

Platform: IOS (3.7/5) | Android (4.3/5)

Price: Free (Premium membership paid)


Prisma, which is different from the other apps mentioned in this list, is not actually a photo editing app. Prisma transforms your photos into canvases using the styles of famous artists. You can apply Munk, Picasso, and many other world-famous ornaments and patterns to your photos.

The app is super simple to use and yields an endless variety of genuinely unique results. It’s all on account of Prisma’s secret sauce: cloud-based neural network and deep learning algorithms that reinterpret your pedestrian little snapshot through a signature artist’s eye. Each style is applied differently in response to the unique patterns in the picture.

Platform: IOS (4.8/5) | Android (4.5/5)

Price: Free (Premium membership paid)

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