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‘Tasty’ A Donut Dressed Up As A Smart Assistant

A fun, doughnut-shaped smart assistant! This concept device sits on any surface in the home and also comes with a playful dock for it to sit vertically.

The soft and curvy shape of Tasty, and the materials choices make it up for a comfortable and cozy appearance.

“These choices were determined by the fact that most of the smart assistants live at home and therefore I wanted to create something that would perfectly match with the environment.” says designer Francesco Brunetti.

If the user wants, Tasty has its own dock stand that makes it possible to place the smart assistant vertically. The dock has a wavy structure that wraps around Tasty.

There are 7 different color options. The front of the smart assistant is made of a textile fabric and the back is made of a semi-matte plastic of the same color as the textile. Only the white and black versions have a shiny plastic interior visible from behind.

Looking more like a donut, Tasty has a special series model. The intended effect is to use recycled textile with details on the top that look like sprinkles on a donut glaze. The base of the dock is made of recycled wood pieces and a plastic binder.

We hope this sweet concept design will come true soon!

Designer: Francesco Brunetti

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