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Nowadays we are bored with the ordinary, we all like to use different objects in daily life and we are interested in the different. Glass cup designs that will increase the pleasure you get while drinking your beverage aesthetically are becoming widespread recently. So why not drink our wine or coffee in better glasses?

Here are some great glass cup suggestions we’ve found for you!

1. Shark Wine Glasses With Built-In Shark

It’s the perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts in your life. Thanks to the shark inside, you can know the level you need to fill your wine. Besides, the shark fin visible on your wine creates a stylish and also fun look.

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2. Medieval Dragon Claw Vodka And Wine Mug

The enormous dragon claws holding a simple elegant glass in its! This is a great design. I am sure that it gives the user an ancient royal feel.

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3. Bling Diamond Crystal Glass

The curvilinear design on this cup looks beautiful with the harmony of your drink from the outside and is easily gripped between the fingers in terms of hand-holding.

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4. Sexy Lady Men Durable Double Wall Whiskey Glasses

Made of double glass, this glass has both male and female bodies. When you fill it with your drink, it looks very beautiful.

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5. 3D Skull Head Double Drinking Glass

This glass, which consists of two intertwined glasses, has an extremely cool look, and has a large capacity. It will be very enjoyable to drink both your whiskey and your coffee in this glass.

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6. Mountain Whiskey Glass with Wooden Bottom

This whiskey glass with a mountain figure inside has a wooden seat and the ledge in the wooden piece settles into the mountain in the glass. Thus, it creates a seating chamber for the glass. This glass has an extremely stylish appearance.

7. Frosted Belly Glass Crystal Cocktail Glass

This glass has a very interesting design. It is ensured that your cocktail is always cold by placing the bowl under it. The cone-shaped glass cup on the bowl adds a very elegant atmosphere to your cocktail.

8. Creative Animal Glass Cups

The design of these glass cups is inspired by animals. There are 3D animal figures inside. We are sure that you will love the design of these very sweet glass cups!

9. Handmade Double Thermal Insulated Glass Mug

Due to the heat-resistant insulating glass, you can easily drink your hot drinks without burning your hand. It also has a glass lid so that the drinks do not cool down immediately. In this way, you can easily cover your coffee/tea and keep your drink warm. Its appearance from the outside is extremely elegant.

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10.Double Glass High Temperature Coffee Cup

If you need a stylish double-glazed coffee cup, this cup is for you! This glass cup, shaped like a truncated cone, appeals to the eyes.

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