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UV-C Toothbrush Sanitizer

It is enough to keep your brush under UV light for 30 seconds to kill bacteria and viruses between the bristles of your toothbrush. Oclean Bloom Slim is designed to help disinfect your toothbrushes. Bloom Slim helps you quickly and effectively sterilize your toothbrush before and after use.

This product, which can be mounted on the wall, has 5 brush holders. 3 of these holders are UV-C sterilized areas. When you activate this area, your brush will be sterilized by UV-C rays. It is a highly functional product as it can be used as a toothbrush storage space and can be used for UV sterilization.

In these days, when the importance of sterilization is increasing, this product will meet exactly what we need.

Designers: Eric Hu and Max Song

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