It is created by transforming an ordinary projector into a design that people of all ages will love.

The projector’s single camera, TOF feature, face recognition feature and autofocus motor ensure the image is always clear. Based on existing hardware solutions for autofocus, an intelligent eye protection function has been added. Internal use of freestanding BOX design uses a four-point console to make the sound effect more perfect. Features such as 5020 blowers, heat conduction system, intelligent fan speed control, effective control of wind noise and indoor temperature make this projector stand out.

The yellow color of the projector is so sweet that you fall in love at first sight. It looks very cool when combined with metal color and black. We are looking forward to the sale of this design, which is prepared with the same care and glory in packaging design! We know you have been waiting and want this projector too!

Designer: Jerry C, Season Jia and Bowen Yang