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During this pandemic, we all closed to homes. We had to work, eat, have fun and do sports in the same place. After a while, we can turn this cycle, which starts to become boring, into a fun activity with Manuva board. Gyms are still not very safe, unfortunately, and we cannot all sit in places with plenty of open spaces. This board is a product that can answer this problem.

The best thing about Manuva panel is that it does not need a complicated hanging system and is easy to hang. In this way, you can use it very easily at home, exercise daily and turn the day into fun.  “We aimed to deliver a product that is simply designed, reliable, durable and most importantly we love to use,” says the team.

The grip range extends from 15mm to 60mm, and the top two 20-degree inclines help you take your workout to the next level with increased progress.

You can easily install it on your wall without drilling or screwing. It is fully adjustable and made to fit various door widths. To adjust, all you have to do is use the release clamp. Make it to the desired width and tighten the back screw to lock it in place. It’s that simple! So you can take it with you even on long journeys.

It has a modular frame made of anodized aluminum (an environmentally friendly metal that is 100% recyclable) and can be disassembled for both portable and easy storage. The rest of the Manuva panel is made of Poplar wood. Thanks to the Poplar wood, the panel is very light. It also has a warm look and is sustainable. It has a natural and organic surface that is gentle on your skin. Also, environmentally friendly cork pads are attached to the back to prevent damage to your walls.

Designers: Robert Moore, Jacob Griffiths & Hugo Martin of WMP Creative

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