Tired of your QWERTY keyboard looking rough and big? Do you want a more minimal, practical and stylish keyboard?

Lyka Modular Keyboard by Jonathan Welch interests us for many reasons. It is minimal, but thanks to its smooth transition concave design, it allows you to move comfortably on your fingers and write comfortably. Also, Lyka has a modular structure. When you want to free up space on your desk, remove the module you don’t need and use the keyboard as a smaller module. And when you need additional keys, expand your keyboard by replacing the module.

Perhaps the designer Jonathan is also considering a touch module for this keyboard. Thus, it combines both a touch keyboard with a mouse and keyboard; and the touch module on the keyboard allows us to take notes and draw with a drawing pen. When we don’t need the touchpad module, we remove it again and use it in the size of a minimal QWERTY keyboard.

Concept Lyka Modular Keyboard is designed to be stylish with black keys on metal and 3 golden keys. You can use this keyboard anywhere in your home, office, and stand out thanks to its stylishness.

We are so excited to see Lyka Modular Keyboard on our tables and look forward to exploring the modules!

Designer: Jonathan Welch