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Harry Potter Spells That Might Work On Your Phone

Harry Potter fans still reminisce about the books and watching the films for the first time. Every Potterhead as a child hoped to get the letter: “Welcome to Hogwarts!”. 

As a fan, you probably memorized Harry Potter spells or pretended to cast them. This obviously caught the attention of tech companies because they were perhaps also fans, and they made this dream come true, well, at least a little. Smartphone users can do some Harry Potter spells with the help of ai assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

A tweet re-triggered the craze amid Harry Potter fans of using the same spells on their phones. The post was posted in 5 January 2022 said that ‘Lumos’ can turn your phone’s flashlight on. Soon lovers of the book shared themselves using this hack.

So, even though “Yer not a Wizard!”, that doesn’t mean you cannot cast Harry Potter spells.

Lumos -Nox

Probably every Potterhead has, at least once or twice, tried to turn their lights on by whispering ‘Lumos’ or ‘Lumos Maxima.’ Though it may not have worked, it surely will work this time on your mobile phones.

For iPhone and Android users, the process of casting the spell is the same. Just say ‘Lumos’. Voila! The phone’s flashlight will turn on. With the technology of our phones today we can say we have wands . To turn the flashlight off, just say ‘Nox.’ 


Looking for something but just cannot find it? Well now that you have a wand you will have no problem if you know the correct spell. The summoning charm ‘Accio’ brings any object, which may or may not be in sight, to the person who casts the spell.

Just say ‘Accio,’ followed by the name of the app. For example, ‘Accio Instagram’ will open the app on your device immediatly.


Remember when in 5th book Hermione could successfully mute a large raven while Ron tried to silence his toad and couldn’t? The silencing charm mutes the person you cast the spell to temporarily.

And to be honest in our world today every now and the you just need to Silencio everything. But why do it manually when you can do it like a witch or wizard?

Say  ‘Silencio,’ to your phone and it will mute the phone’s ringer and notification sounds.

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