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12 Must-Have iPhone Keyboard Apps

The iPhone’s built-in keyboard has served us well over the years, but let’s face it: it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re using a larger model like the iPhone 14 Pro Max or opting for more compact options like the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone SE 2022, you may be craving more feature-rich and customizable keyboard experiences. The good news? There are plenty of third-party keyboard apps that can cater to your specific needs.


Typewise Keyboard

Typewise deviates from the norm by swapping out the traditional rectangular keys for hexagonal ones, aiming for increased accuracy in typing. While it may take some time to get accustomed to this unconventional layout, the app helps ease the transition with a built-in game. Additional perks include swipe gestures, dark mode, automatic language detection, and even text replacement for frequently used phrases.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE


Grammarly Keyboard

The Grammarly keyboard offers more than just spell check—it’s like having a mini English teacher right in your phone. From punctuations and contextual spelling to word usage, this keyboard app offers comprehensive feedback that is particularly helpful for students and professionals. Additionally, it includes swipe typing and home screen widgets to make your typing experience as seamless as possible.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE


Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

If you’re someone who loves to express yourself through emojis, GIFs, and stickers, Facemoji has got you covered. This app allows you to pepper your messages with a variety of emojis and even customize fonts to make your texts uniquely yours. With Facemoji, your text messages and social media posts will never be bland again.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE


Phraseboard Keyboard

If you’re tired of typing the same thing over and over again, Phraseboard offers a practical solution. You can save frequently used phrases and even categorize them for quicker access. The app even syncs with iCloud, so your phrases are accessible on any Apple device. For a one-time cost of $2 and optional premium subscriptions, this app could be a real timesaver.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE



This Google-powered keyboard is a Swiss Army knife when it comes to functionality. Beyond basic typing, you can search and send anything from Google—whether it’s GIFs, directions, or the current weather—right from your keyboard. Glide Typing is another feature that helps speed up your typing, making Gboard a well-rounded choice for any iPhone user.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE

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Fleksy provides a level of customization and fun that’s hard to beat. It comes with more than 50 themes and over 800 emojis, and even sports its own GIF search engine. The keyboard also learns your typing habits over time to offer more accurate predictions, further enhancing your typing experience.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE



Step up your texting game by sending messages in unique fonts using the Fonts keyboard app. This app is compatible with a wide range of social media and messaging platforms, so you’re not limited to just texting. Choose a font that matches your mood or the tone of your conversation and stand out from the crowd.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE


Color Keyboard

When it comes to customization, Color Keyboard reigns supreme. You can personalize virtually every aspect of your keyboard, from the background and button colors to fonts and even the sound of your keystrokes. Subscriptions start at $3 per week, which unlocks all the premium customization features.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE



Bitmoji lets you create a personalized emoji avatar that can be used across multiple platforms. Whether you want to show excitement, sadness, or any emotion in between, your Bitmoji avatar has a sticker for that. Log in via Facebook to start the customization process.

Appstore Link: CLICK HERE

In summary, the third-party keyboard apps for the iPhone offer a plethora of features ranging from advanced grammar checks and swipe typing to comprehensive customization options. Most of these apps offer free versions, while some also have premium features available via subscription. With such a wide variety of options, finding a keyboard that elevates your texting game has never been easier.

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