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If you are a coffee addict like everyone else, you will be as excited about the new coffee machines as we are! What distinguishes this coffee machine from other machines is its aesthetic appearance.

The designer’s goal in designing Moon is to design a coffee machine that tries to preserve the “steampunk” look of traditional espresso machines while maintaining a clean shape and cute character.

There is a small container on the back where you can put your coffee beans and a long container that provides a long water/steam balance.

Overall, the shape is very unique. It has a balanced, modern, and minimal look. It does not have a confusing and difficult to use design. A very useful and simple design has been put forward with curvilinear lines.

“ I’ve always been fascinated with those big chrome machines that almost looked like a small lab, it made me think about how we perceive coffee now when the whole ritual is being reduced to a capsule and a press of a button. When sitting down to decide on my concept I thought how can I incorporate this love for mechanical and tactile looking objects, with an updated clean look? Can I make a coffee machine that looks scientific but also has a cute character? “ says Ben Yehuda and made the design based on these thoughts.  

We loved this cute coffee maker that brings another breath of fresh air to traditional coffee machines. We hope you share the same thoughts with us!

Designer: Roee Ben Yehuda

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