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Changeable Clothes Collection: Survivalist

Emi Tanimura presents the 2020 alumni collection, called ‘Survivalist’, functional and transformable outerwear. Emi’s aim is a comfortable and useful design to adapt to harsh conditions and changing conditions.

She is inspired by explorers, campers, displaced communities, and their own experiences of homelessness. She also mentions about the importance of using fashion as a way to raise awareness of social problems.

The source of inspiration in the emergence of these designs is herself. She designed these products based on the difficulties she went through. The main reason for the emergence of this design is due to the burden of carrying it when it is hot outside and wants to remove the jacket.


Look 1, “Bomber Bag”. The main reason for the emergence of this design is the carrying load of the jacket after removing it. Since it was uncomfortable to carry the jacket on your arm after the weather warmed, it made the jacket turn into a bag form. This jacket that can be used as a backpack has a heat lining to keep warm. It has 7 different compartments and is made of breathable, windproof, and waterproof material. It has a protective coating against UV rays.

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Look 2, “Tent Trench”. Emi designed this product to serve as a temporary shelter in emergencies. This trench coat that instantly transforms into a tent is simple and easy to install. It can separate the lower part of the jacket from the jacket and turn into a single tent thanks to the inflatable poles.

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You can watch the video below and visit Instagram here.

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