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8 Decors to Add Eclectic Style to Your Living Room

What is eclectic style? It combines different aesthetic furniture, decors, and items without being tied to a single style! So you can freely use different styles in your environment as you wish! Imagine the Mediterranean and European style together!

There are no hard and sharp rules in this style. There are a few rules you have to follow. Use mixed patterns and textures together, combine old and new, choose products from all over the world according to their contrast! Creating the right color palette will make everything easier! Whichever color you choose, you should reach its tones and contrasting shades. You can choose anything, use any style and have colors, but watch out! Filling the room with too many items, not being able to choose the right color can ruin everything! That’s why you should be minimal and choose the right decors!

You have unlimited combinations according to your taste!
In this article, we have selected a few products that you can design your living room in an eclectic style. We hope it inspires you! Good reading!

Eclectic style is heterogeneous. So feel free to use different types and patterns of decor! You should use short and sweet decor to reflect the eclectic atmosphere of the room.

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Boho StyleKnitted Blanket

Don’t be afraid to use different styles! This is exactly the purpose of the eclectic style. When using a Mediterranean-style table, you can use Chinese decors at the same time. So the Chinese New Year pillows will be so cute!

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Chinese Traditional Dragon Pillow Covers

A minimal side table will increase the elegance of the room. Combining different styles is as important for eclectic style as well as balance. You have to adjust the contrast well. That’s why we made things easy for you and chose a great table.

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Metal Gold Color End and Side Table

We think there is no setting that Mediterranean style cannot beautify! Don’t you think so? It has an aura that makes you feel soothing and comfortable. To add that Mediterranean flair to your room, you need great decor.

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Authentic Elephant Figurine

If you want to have a little more human figure, this ethnic decor may be just what you are looking for. They look amazing!

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Women Art Love Figurine

If you want to keep the retro American style in your home, there is nothing better than this lamp! Complete your ecletic style with its color and texture!

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American Retro Rope Table Lamp

A wall clock completes everything! With its minimal and stylish appearance, it will be in harmony with the side table we recommend above. A little tip: If you place these two decors symmetrically, they will complement each other without you looking at it!

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Iron Art Silent Wall-Mounted Clock

Small but effective decor! You can use it as a decor, as well as organize your living room items. You can put your newspapers and magazines, pillows and blankets, and small items when not in use. Or a flower like the picture would be great!

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Zakka style cotton storage box

Thanks for reading and good luck in decorating your living room! 

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