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The Queen’s Gambit may have renewed interest in this ever-popular game, but chess as a game has always fascinated the imagination of people who love to develop a strategy. What started as a game played with simple DIY chess pieces and a very simple board has seen countless iterations since then. In addition to the original, examples of pieces and boards with different designs started to increase.

Thanks to the Squared Off company, the game has seen a serious technological evolution, reaching the form of a set of self-moving pieces that allow you to play against your opponents from around the world. Going to the explanation, the distant player moves the stones on the board while the stones move on your board and vice versa. You are mesmerized, right? 

This version of the Square Off chessboard preserves artificial intelligence and connected technology. This game board allows you to play with friends or complete strangers around the world.

If you’re looking to up your skills, even more, there are 20 different difficulty levels thanks to the built-in AI. Square Off analyzes your game, streams live chess events and helps you improve. The Grand Kingdom Set has parking spots for each piece and even resets itself when you’re done playing.

It has 2 types, Kingdom Set and Grand Kingdom Set. In the Kingdom set, the pieces move by themselves, you can match with anyone you want and you can compete against artificial intelligence. The Grand Kingdom set includes features in addition to the Kingdom set. The board design is different. When the game is over, it sets the pieces itself automatically and takes the pieces aside. The coolest feature is coming now. By watching live chess matches on your board, you can experience the game right in front of you.

Square Off board is elegantly and stylishly prepared, it is very easy to install and use through the application. The motor is quiet and fast to move pieces. To get started, the Square Off-website is full of helpful videos and information can also be accessed from within the app. It’s great to play chess in real-time in your spare time, rather than looking at a flat computer screen. Square Off is a nice item and would be a great gift for anyone! This is an heirloom quality product that you will be proud to display in your home.

We heard that they started with a portable and foldable model called Square Off Ghost. We look forward to its release impatiently! 😍



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