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9 Fun Websites to Waste Time on When You’re Bored

If you’re bored and looking for something fun to do, look no further than these websites! From games to quizzes to funny videos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So take a break from whatever you’re doing and have some fun!

Your time is truly wasted on the webpage. It is simply a selection of quick games that you can play online. It works for less than 10 minutes and is suitable for a quick break.

With its vast array of user-generated content, Reddit is perfect for killing time. You can find everything from funny memes to interesting articles on this site.

Website: Reddit

This website is for you if you enjoy computer graphics that look like they were created in the 1980s and have an unhealthy love with ducks.

The number of ducks on the screen will increase with each mouse click until all that is left are these adorable flocks of feathers.

This website blown your mind when you try it!  It may even shock you a little bit. Simply loading the website and moving the mouse are all that are required. The picture of a person pointing at it will appear wherever you move the pointer. It’s a little weird.

To begin, each player is assigned a role: a secret agent or a VIRUS double agent.

You’ll continue to pass around the device to learn more information about all of the players. At the end of the round, players will vote who to imprison. If a double agent is chosen, the service members win. If not, VIRUS is victorious.

Website: Pointer Pointer

A strange website to visit while bored is called Find the Invisible Cow. You just have to find a cow on a white screen in this game. Only a yell of “Cow!” that gets louder as you draw closer to the animal serves as your only cue. Try the game in the office and bid your day’s productivity adieu.

This webpage is straightforward but efficient. It just has one function, which is to indicate whether or not it is Christmas today. If you plan to visit this page daily for the rest of the year, you might wish to bookmark it.

Website: Is It Christmas?

With only one mouse click, you can instantly travel to different corners of the world. Who knows the location of these locations. When you press the “go” button, you’ll be taken to a selection of street views throughout the world.

Website: MapCrunch

Cats are sometimes surprisingly accepting to their owners applying things to them. Photos of cats with various items on them are shared on this amusing and bizarre website (cactuses, mugs and other interesting stuffs! ) So, Stuff On My Cat should make you smile a lot if you’re bored and looking for a humorous website to pass the time.

Website: Stuff On My Cat

A stunning animation called Zoomquilt keeps zooming in on what appears to be a painting-like illusion. It is pretty lovely to view. You might find it difficult to look away.

Website: Zoomquilt

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