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6 Absolute Road Trip Essentials

Many people are well aware that nothing heals as well as outdoor recreation, where there is only freedom, picturesque views, fresh air, and stars above your head. A road trip is an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, constant stress, and confusion.

A family road trip is an opportunity to get close to your loved ones, finally, talk about everything, find out what everyone is up to and have a great time. In everyday life, this is often impossible, because everyone has their business, parents are always on the road or at work, and children prefer to spend most of their time on their smartphones, gadgets, and computers.

When families do start planning to get out of the city and go on a road trip, it often turns into chaos, especially when they start packing a bunch of unnecessary things without a road trip packing list. It all ends with the fact that the car is filled to the top, it is uncomfortable for everyone to drive, everyone is angry and such trips end in even more discord in the family.

In this regard, you only need to think about must-have stuff. You only need to pack the road trip essentials that you may need. If this is your first time on such a trip, then for you we have collected only the most necessary things that you may need during your adventure.

Let’s start packing

Before you start preparing for the trip and packing all your things, you need to think in advance about where you will go, what places you want to stay, and what to see. In this case, you cannot do without a road trip planner that will help you plan the most convenient route.

Sports bags and backpacks

It is completely impractical to use suitcases for packing things and clothes. Due to their hard and rigid surface, they will take up quite a lot of space and your trunk may not fit everything you need. You will have to use the space in the car, because of which every member of the family will feel constrained and will not be able to rest.

Therefore, you cannot do without sports bags and backpacks that fit perfectly into your trunk, and you can stuff everything you need there. However, another problem is that many mindlessly put things in different bags, and when you need to get something urgently, you have to open each bag. In this regard, you should determine where different things will be packed. You can categorize things so you know where everything is. You can also sign or make stickers on bags with information about what is packed there, in case you forget.

Clothes and accessories

It is necessary to take clothes depending on the weather conditions. However, even if you go to a place where the weather will be predominantly warm, you should not forget that it can be cold at night.

You need to take clothes that you feel most comfortable in. You will need these clothes that will not hamper your movements. This is especially true if you go hiking. It is important to pack thermal underwear or clothing that is made from antibacterial fabrics.

Regarding personal hygiene, it is necessary to pack for each family member several sets of underwear, as well as socks. It is advisable to choose comfortable and breathable shoes. If the weather is sunny, then do not forget about sunglasses, as well as caps or sunhats. Just in case, it’s worth packing raincoats so that in rainy weather, your clothes stay dry.

Gadgets and devices

In addition to navigators and smartphones, where useful travel apps will be installed, you need to think about gadgets that will help brighten up long hours of car travel.

Especially if you are traveling with children, then you need to provide them with road trip entertainment. That is, you can take a laptop or tablet, where a road trip movie or various educational programs and applications for children will be downloaded.

In addition, you can use screen recording software to record various YouTube travel videos about the places you are going to so that the children know what interesting things they can see there. Such videos greatly broaden the mind, so this is a great way to distract your kids.


If you go on vacation in nature for a long period, then the issue of personal hygiene comes to the fore, because in nature you will not be able to take a shower or soak in the bath. Therefore, you should pack antibacterial wipes, shampoo, small towels, soap, deodorants, and hand sanitizer.


The issue of food preparation is very important as you will not have a kitchen with useful equipment to prepare meals. It is necessary to take the equipment that will be compact and portable. You can bring a portable stove, a few pots and pans, travel mugs, metal cutlery, food containers, and a cooler bag to store perishables.

Night’s lodging

Sleeping in a car at night, especially if you are going on a trip with the whole family, is inconvenient, impractical, and can only spoil the overall impression of the trip. Therefore, the best option would be to stop in places where you can put tents, so that everyone can finally stretch their legs after a trip in the car, sleep well and wake up in a good mood.

Wherever you are, the nights are always cold, so you should choose tents made of extra durable materials and also insulated. In addition, you should especially think about sleeping bags so that they are warm and soft. Thus, you can sleep well, and the next day, with full combat readiness and enthusiasm, go to explore the world.


To prevent your road trip from turning into a disaster, you need to make a list of things that will come in handy. The first trip may not be as successful as you expect, but you will be able to understand from your mistakes what is needed specifically for you. Thus, each subsequent trip will only get better. We wish you a great trip!


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