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5 Winter Escapes We’re Dreaming Of This Year

Winter is the best time to visit some of the most popular tourist destinations. The cold weather and the holiday season make these places even more magical. Here are the top 5 best places to visit in winter:

1. Have a white Christmas in Lithuania 

Start realizing your vision of a white Christmas in Lithuania. Depending on how much you enjoy the cold, or freezing for that matter, throughout the months of January and February, December might be a better time to visit.

However, if you enjoy the snow and ice a lot, prepare your layers now! For those who enjoy the exhilaration of speeding down a slope on skis or a snowboard, the capital city of Lithuania, Vilnius, is magnificent. Look into Liepkalnis, Vilnius’ top spot for winter sports.

2. Visit Lake Tahoe, California, next winter!

Lake Tahoe is not a place to pass out on, with its 22 miles in length, ranking as the 10th deepest lake in the world, and its surroundings of beautiful peaks.

Even without its otherworldly beauty, there is plenty to do in the cities that surround the lake. Families, in particular, who are seeking for inexpensive winter vacations in the USA can consider going there.

Lake Tahoe is the ideal area to truly go daring and have a great time. It’s another fantastic site for snow-filled enjoyment.

3. Live a freezing experience in Estonia 

Estonia is the ideal destination for you if you enjoy the rustic beauty of the countryside and the old-world charm of medieval settings. Make sure to pack extra warm gloves because it can get very cold throughout the winter because you’ll need them.

Tallinn, the country’s capital, offers a charming old town that exudes the warmth and charm you might be seeking. You might even think you’ve been transported to the North Pole at the spectacular Christmas market in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square!

4.Have the best winter of your life in Scotland

Although it is not the most affordable destination, it is unquestionably worthwhile to visit (I admit, I may be a little partial, but it is truly lovely and frequently goes unappreciated).

In general, Scotland is reasonably priced, and many of the greatest activities are inexpensive. The bigger cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh can be more expensive, and if you’re staying in a posh hotel in the highlands then certainly, your budget will be greater.

There is a lot to do in the winter in a little town like Oban, making it the ideal escape for tourists of all types. Every year, Oban hosts the winter festival, which gives the city a faint wintery atmosphere.

Editor's Pick:

5.Watch the northern lights dance in Lapland!

The most active zone in the northern hemisphere, the “Northern Lights Belt,” does, in fact, correct it. You’ll have more time to see them in the dark sky if you visit between October and March because of the nearly complete darkness.


Not only is Lapland renowned for its amazing natural beauty, but also for its enjoyable winter sports! Feel like an explorer from the Nordic countries? Or how about a snowy adventure like no other?


The variety of tours and activities available to you throughout the winter is enormous. You could ride a snowmobile through the forest and around frozen lakes, or you could go on a sledding safari (with reindeer or huskies!). All you need to get behind the wheel is a driver’s license and some guts!

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