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5 Unusual Restaurants Dazzling With Their Designs

For restaurant owners, it is important to create a great atmosphere for guests. In addition to the deliciousness of the food, it is also important that all guests feel comfortable. A unique design can also be as delightful to guests as the finest French wine.

These 5 enormous restaurants we selected to offer an almost perfect experience with their designs and concepts. When the door of the restaurant is opened, the gates of a completely different world will be opened. In addition, they can all be great inspirations. They all have different concepts. Check out Koks’ place or the dizzying design of the Inns Whiskey Bar!

When this pandemic is over, I can’t wait to go to the restaurant and have a great night. I wish that the restaurant I will go to will be one of these!


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Can we say that Kristian Baumann, who is experienced in the restaurant business, has surpassed herself this time? Better than 108! He did wonders with his team. Minimal and nice details, a spacious ambiance, and delightful food, of course! The harmony of all the colors of the environment and the Scandinavian-style furniture are like pearls. Here’s everything looking for! You are very lucky if you are close to Copenhagen.

You can visit the Websites or follow the Instagram account.


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Paradise is the most minimal combination of the essence of contemporary Sri Lanka with the Soho line! You are guaranteed to have a warm night in an eye-free design.

Here is Paradise’s Instragram account. 


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Here is true Scandinavian style! This magnificent restaurant on the Faroe Islands fascinates both with its concept and design! Besides being a great place for nature lovers and those looking for silence, it can take you to Viking time with its local style! It might be more accurate to say modern Viking! The stylish and folkloric design will give you an extraordinary experience in the middle of nowhere!

Take a few minutes and visit Koks’ website!


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Just as we enjoy eating in a restaurant, we expect it to be affected by the atmosphere and to change our mood for the better. This restaurant offers you a unique experience somewhere in New York, surpassing standard Korean restaurants with its design! This U-shaped table is a great design to meet many guests at the same time. It’s like an elegant version of the street food style. The next photo is from “Dining Room”. Atomix is generous in providing more than you expect from a restaurant.

Atomix’s website and Instagram account. 

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Are you aware of how difficult it is to get attention in China? It takes true creativity to highlight your own light among millions of bars and restaurants. This bar, which resembles a cave, has turned into a wonderful design with the combination of its round ceiling and the still copper color. Isn’t it great to associate the color of the space with the concept of the space? It has an atmosphere that attracts you with its design.

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