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7 Upcoming And Futuristic Technology Products

Future technology is an interesting topic. It’s hard to predict what will be the next big thing, but it’s always fun to speculate!
You are probably thinking, what the heck does that mean? Well, it means that we are going to be seeing some really cool technology products coming out!

We have seen great leaps in digital technology in past the past five years. People now can do things like order food, hail a cab, and even make purchases with their voice on their phone. It’s safe to say that we will see more of these advances as time goes on.

So here are a few of the more interesting upcoming 7 technologies that I’ve come across recently.


source: Kickstarter

Axis is a VR controller that transforms your body into the controller. It has been designed for use with virtual reality games and provides an immersive experience in which you can move around freely, as if you were really there. The Axis attaches to your waist like a belt, and when paired with the accompanying app it allows you to control what happens on screen by moving around in real life.


The product itself looks very promising: its sleek design makes it feel almost futuristic and the potential applications are endless!


Source:  Kaiboaudio

Kaiboflex is a new technology that uses bone conduction to transmit sound. The device can be used in any situation where you need to listen to audio without having traditional earbuds or headphones in your ears, such as when running or cycling. Bone conduction transmits vibrations through the skull and into the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum and middle ear entirely. This technology has been around for years but it has never been able to achieve great volume levels before now.


source: Nimoplanet

Nimo Planet glasses offer a new way to experience the world. These smart glasses have two 720p displays, one for each eye, that provide a 180 degree view of your surroundings. The glass is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day long, but also powerful enough to display virtual objects in front of you without any lag time or distortion. Nimo Planet’s goal is to create an augmented reality environment where people can enjoy the physical world while benefiting from advanced features such as GPS navigation and translation services.


source: e-scooter

Xion CyberX is a sleek electric bike that’s as futuristic as it is practical. With an aluminum frame, LED lights and components, this bike looks just like something out of the future. The Xion CyberX runs on a powerful lithium-ion battery that can last up to 40 miles on one charge, depending on how much weight you’re carrying with you.


CyberX offers the perfect balance between style and function, making it not only eye catching but also functional for all types!


Source: Kickstarter

Yes, washing machines are great but do you think about a devide that would give you better results with 40 times less water use and 15 times less energy use?

WashUp is one of the first household ultrasonic cleaning tools equipped with a double-transducer to offer more effective deep cleaning at the microscopic level compared to traditional ultrasonic cleaners.
You can select from the three deifferent power modes that are perfect fort he item you are going to clean.
Not to even think of how portable this functional washing device is, you can easily take it along with you when you are travelling!


Source: GadgetFlow

Laplok is a new product on the market that attaches to your laptop and locks it securely in place. The device has been designed with convenience in mind, as you can just attach it to any table or desk surface, and when you’re ready to leave, all you have to do is push down on the locking mechanism for quick release. This is perfect for those who work at coffee shops or other places where there’s a risk of their laptop being stolen if they leave it unattended.


Source: Kickstarter

Dwarf II is a portable and versatile smart periscopic telescope you can adopt for easy stargazing and bitdwatching with your smartphone. This innovative device is suitable for taking pictures or recording videos of animals, such as birds. Dwarf II has a telephoto lens and can be wirelessly controlled so you can record the details you want from a significant distance.

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