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6 Most Useful Apps You Need on Your Phone Right Now

There are an endless number of apps available for download, but which ones are actually worth your time? This listicle will explore the five most useful apps you need on your phone right now. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, stay organized, or simply have some fun, there’s an app for that. Keep reading to find out which apps you need to download start!

There are several apps that allow you to scan paper documents using your phone’s camera, but few are as sleek and effective as CamScanner. Even if the camera on your phone isn’t the best, it can crop and enhance photographs in a matter of seconds, giving you a digital document that is aligned and simple to read. Documents can be combined, your own annotations can be added on top, and the combined file can then be shared as a PDF or JPG.

To begin, each player is assigned a role: a secret agent or a VIRUS double agent.

You’ll continue to pass around the device to learn more information about all of the players. At the end of the round, players will vote who to imprison. If a double agent is chosen, the service members win. If not, VIRUS is victorious.

Android: CamScanner
IOS: CamScanner

Notepin performs a task that is so obvious that you’ll wonder why Android doesn’t already include it. Simply said, it enables you to compose notes and then pin them as reminders to your notifications panel.

Android: Notepin
IOS: Notepin

The application places a cursor on your screen that you can move about by using your thumb, allowing you to interact with buttons and other UI elements. The brilliant part is that the pointer itself will extend all the way to the top if you simply swipe your thumb across the bottom third of your screen. It’s as simple as that—just align it with a button and tap.

Dark Sky provides a detailed prediction for the day’s weather, including the precise time when it will rain, snow, or be clear. The clean, simple design just displays the information you need, and best of all, it warns you when it’s about to start or stop raining.

One of the most useful apps ever is without a doubt IFTTT. It is an application that generates commands to perform a number of fundamental activities automatically. The sheer amount of services, goods, and other apps that IFTTT supports is what makes the program so great. It can turn on your smart home lighting, download Instagram photos and upload them to Dropbox, and there is even some Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa functionality available. It is simple to learn and can automate many phone procedures that would otherwise be tedious. The number of things this program is capable of is absurdly long. Trust us when we say that it is useful. It’s also free!

Android: IFTTT

While WhatsApp Web allows you to send WhatsApp messages using your PC, SMS Text Messaging from MightyText becomes a necessary program if you prefer SMS.

Through a browser plugin, it connects to your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and allows you complete access to your SMS messages on the larger screen. You may view notifications from all of your other apps as well as read, reply to, and create new messages. You won’t frequently need to pick up your phone again because you can even make calls.

Website: MightyText

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