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These Home Repair Apps Will Help You Renovate Your House!

There are tons of great home repair apps out there that can help you renovate your house! Here are a few of our favorites that can help you with everything from picking out paint colors to finding the perfect piece of furniture for your space.

Why clutter your garage with tools any more than you already have? Truly one of the best apps for home renovation, iHandy Carpenter offers not one, but five professional tools all in one place: a plumb bob level, a surface level, a bubble lever bar, a ruler and a protractor.

Website: iHandyGroup

With 140 functions, this app is all you need to calculate and convert measurements. Added bonus: You can even keep track of your to-do list and time spent on your projects within the app, as well.

Websites: HandymanCalculator

Similar to the Handyman Calculator, the Home Improvement Calcs home renovation app includes over 170 calculators and unit converters. What puts it over the top? You can save and email your results, so you don’t have to repeat the functions.

Part home renovation app, part household management app, BrightNest offers plenty of reasons why you should include it in your virtual tool belt. Not only does it provide thousands of articles with life hacks and DIY projects, but it also incorporates information about your home (like your floor type and countertop material) to send you personalized tips and tricks for home improvement.

Website: BrightNest

When it comes to home renovation apps, those that include step-by-step instructions rank the highest in our book. Add to that the ability to download the guides for offline browsing, and you’ve got a truly useful tool on your hands. Fortunately, iFixIt provides these qualities and more. The world’s leading how-to guide in app form? Yes, please! Complete with step-by-step photos, illustrations and videos, learn how to complete almost any DIY project imaginable!

Website: iFixIt

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