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15 Best Websites for Boredom

If you have free time and are bored, these websites are for you. With these websites, you can show your creativity, have fun, and have a good time. 

1. The Useless Website

It is a useless website created to find other useless websites. With this website, you can find thousands of other funny and unnecessary websites and relieve your boredom. 

2. Hacker Typer

Want to feel like hackers from the movies? Just open the site and start pressing the keys on your keyboard! 

3. Pointer Pointer

Are you bored and can’t find anything to do? Go to Pointer Pointer’s website and point your mouse anywhere and see the magic! Your smile is guaranteed.

4. Scream Into The Void

This website invites you to get it all out. Take out all your outrage about any situation in your life and hit the “scream” button which throws it all out into the void.

5. Wayback Machine

Do you have a site that you used a lot in the past and is now closed? and miss that site so much? Choose a url and time of your choice with this website and it will show you how it looked on that date!

6. Duolingo

With Duolingo, you can learn languages and have fun at the same time. Duolingo is the most fun language learning website on the market! You can also use it on your phone with the mobile app. English, German, Russian and French language options are available. 

7. Find The Invisible Cow

Do you miss the hot-cold game you played as a kid? Follow where the cow’s voice is loudest and find the cow!


A strange site that allows you to watch endlessly entertaining, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes beautiful videos. Some videos can be very loud. Make sure to turn down the volume before entering the website.


We really don’t know what it does. But it’s definitely getting us somewhere. I guess… ??????..##??1!

10. Zoomquilt

Are you ready to be hypnotized? You never know where the infinite zoom will take you.

11. Cat-Bounce

Don’t worry! No cats were harmed in the making of this website! Enjoy!

12. Weave Silk

Create beautiful mesmerizing works of art on Weave Silk. In addition to being a website, you can also download this onto your phone or tablet.

13. Flash by Night

Flash By Night is a collection of excellent games. You can have educational, fun times. 

14. A Soft Murmur

Create your own background sound! Create an environment for yourself with the sound levels of your own choice. It’s the perfect website to use while at work, studying, traveling. You can also use it on your phone and tablet.

15. The Magic iPod

Do you want to be a DJ? Create your music by mixing music and tones! Create music that is 100% compatible with an archive of old songs. You will have a lot of fun while using this website. You can download the music you mix.

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