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13 Best Table Lamps on Mavigadget

The best table lamps for your home are the ones that you can find on Mavigadget. They have a wide variety of styles and features to choose from, so you’re sure to find one perfect for your needs!

This desk lamp is perfect for your home office. It features a soft, warm light that will make you feel cozy and comfortable while you work on your computer or read a book.

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Elegant Smart Voice Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Hand-made custom Fish Lamp art lamp. Flexible lamp head for adjustments. Rustic finish. Built to look like the fish. It’s a unique piece of art that also has practical use as it can be used to light your workspace or bedroom.

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Creative Iron Angler Fish Desk Lamp

Magic levitating light is a new generation of lighting products, is made with a high-tech magnet, and its top, bottom, and invisible magnetic field covers all sides. This is a great gift for the person who has everything.

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Magnetic Levitating Wireless Bulb Desk Lamp

The lamp head can rotate freely 40 degrees back and forth, and the illumination range is wider.

buy here:Touch Switch Chargeable 3 Modes LED Dimmable Desk Reading Lamp

Adjustable 3 modes of colors,stepless dimming,satisfy your different lighting needs.

buy here:Gooseneck Dimmable Clip On Desk Lamp

The Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Table Lamp has a sleek design that is perfect for any room. It features an adjustable lamp with a wireless charging pad and the ability to play music wirelessly from your phone or tablet. 

buy here: Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger Table Lamp

This Elegant Multi-function desk lamp, support Qi wireless charger, It can charge your device while reading at the night, avoid any charging cables twining.

buy here: 2in1 Multifunctional Fast Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp

The Melting Desk Lamp is a desk lamp with a design that’s reminiscent of an ice cream cone. The design of this lamp makes it easy to move around and place where you need light the most.

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Creative Art Melting Desk Lamp

The Flexible Touch LED Phone Holder Lamp is a perfect desk. It also provides light for reading, cooking, or other activities that require light. The lamp has an adjustable arm, so it can be positioned anywhere you need it.

buy here:Flexible Touch LED Phone Holder Lamp

This desk lamp is American country retro style, and it is very suitable for a coffee house, bedroom, studio, study, and bar decoration. It is also dimmable, so you can dimming available upon your request.

buy here:Vintage Industrial Wooden Dimmable Table Lamp

It is suitable for all products audio products to play sound, such as Mp3, Mp4, computer, mobile phone and so on. When playing music, there is a colorful light below the chandelier that will follow the rhythm of the music. 

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Touch Sensor Bluetooth Speaker Led Table Lamp

A led table lamp can be rotated 80 Degrees to meet the different angles need for the light. Can be attached to a mirror, closet, stairs, cabinet as a fill light.

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Magnetic USB Dimmable Hanging Night Lamp

Intelligently sense the brightness of the room environment, dynamically optimize the room lighting balance for delivering a smooth light.

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Elegant Eye Protect Dimmable Smart Desk Lamp

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