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10 DIY Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Our favorite time of the year has come again. We couldn’t be more exciting than decorating the Christmas tree in a DIY style. If you’re looking for a creative way to have a tree and have limited space in your home, we have great ideas for you.

If you love to make ornaments and handmade decor for your tree, you will definitely love these cool Christmas crafts and projects that will get you in the holiday spirit.

Here are 10 creative and easy-to-make DIY Christmas tree suggestions we’ve found for you!

1. DIY Simple Crafted Thread Trees

The tutorial is very easy, just cut and prepare the cones in different sizes from thick paper. Wrap the thread around your cones using fabric stiffener coating thread. Let it dry completely.


2. DIY Paper Christmas Trees

In this project, which is extremely easy to make, you need to cut the papers in different sizes and fix them on a stick. The final product will have an extremely elegant and stylish appearance.


 3. DIY Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

It’s extremely inexpensive and simple to do. You cut the round parts of the plastic spoons, paint them with spray paint, and glue them on top of each other. That’s all!


4. DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Tree

These DIY rustic felt trees are one of our favorites. They’re perfect for adding a bit of rustic charm to your holiday decor and being made of felt and twigs makes them super affordable.


5. DIY Paper Cone Trees

Paper cone trees are a truly impressive craft and are inexpensive to cost. You can make it any size you want and add color to your living room and entrance to your home.


6. DIY Ribbon Loop Christmas Tree

You can customize your trees with any color or pattern silk ribbons with this DIY idea. Just cut the ribbons into small pieces and stick them to the cone!


7. DIY Fresh Mini Trees

You glue a few pine branches to wooden flat discs. This is all! You can decorate this fresh tiny pine tree with ornaments or lights.


8. DIY Burlap Christmas Tree

Your tree made of burlap texture that adds rustic warmth to home decoration will look beautiful. There are plenty of printed burlap options available these days. You can create your own DIY pine tree from burlap according to your own taste.


9. DIY Christmas Tree Made by Pieces of Paper

You can cut old newspapers into small pieces and fix them on a stick with glue. It’s that simple to do.


10. DIY Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree

You make cones out of cereal boxes. You cut shapes in several scales in the shape of leaves and glue them onto the cone. When it is finished, you create a stylish decoration for your home by painting it in any color you want with spray paint!


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