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Things Your Apple Watch Can Do Independently


The Apple Watch, renowned for its synergy with the iPhone, surprisingly holds its own as a standalone device. While initial pairing and setup require an iPhone, once past this phase, the Apple Watch reveals its independence, capable of performing a myriad of tasks on its own.

Exploring Apple Watch’s Independence


Even without your iPhone in proximity, the Apple Watch maintains a high level of functionality, especially if connected to wifi. This independence is even more pronounced with a cellular model, but here’s what you can achieve with a GPS-only Apple Watch:


Music and Podcasts: Stream music or podcasts via wifi, or enjoy offline playlists and episodes downloaded directly to your watch.


Workout Tracking: The Apple Watch independently tracks various workouts, syncing the data with your iPhone later.


Health Monitoring: Utilize the watch’s health features such as heart rate monitoring, ECG, blood oxygen levels, sleep tracking, medication reminders, and menstrual cycle tracking, all without needing an iPhone.


News and Information: Stay updated with the latest news or stock market trends via the News app when connected to wifi.


Voice Memos: Record and playback voice notes using the Voice Memos app.


Apple Pay and Transit Cards: Make purchases using Apple Pay and substitute transit cards and student IDs, all without a network connection.


Find My App: Locate people, devices, or AirTags with the Find My app, functioning even offline.


Noise Monitoring: Monitor environmental sound levels for safety using the Noise app.


Communication: Make phone calls via wifi calling or FaceTime Audio, and send iMessages, provided there’s wifi access.


Smart Home Control: Manage smart home accessories using the Home app.


Third-Party Apps: Access any third-party app that supports wifi.


Walkie-Talkie Feature: Communicate with other Apple Watch users using the Walkie-Talkie app.


Weather Updates: Get weather forecasts with a wifi connection.


Wifi Network Management: Connect to or forget wifi networks directly from the watch.


Maximizing Your Apple Watch


Leaving your iPhone behind occasionally might be a refreshing change. Your Apple Watch is equipped to handle essential tasks, offering a simpler, more focused experience without the usual distractions of a smartphone. Whether it’s for a workout, a quick errand, or simply to disconnect, your Apple Watch is ready to step up, proving it’s more than just an iPhone’s sidekick.

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