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The Best Mobile Games That Don’t Need Internet

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with ads and notifications, it can be really refreshing to play a game that doesn’t need internet. Mobile games are the perfect way to unwind and escape from the stresses of daily life. Here are some of the best mobile games that don’t need internet.

Monument Valley game created such a buzz when it first came out into the mobile game world. It combined incredible graphics with not-so-easy challenges and otherworldly, wordless storytelling in a way that no one could imagine.

Set in a pastel-colored fantasy world, the game became an inspiration to many more like it. Its only crime was that it ended way too fast, leaving people wanting more. Now the wait is over, my friends!

The second part has new levels and characters, but the reasons why we all have fallen in love are still there. It’s a gripping experience, with challenges that actually challenge you for a change.

It’s a game that you’ll want to gatekeep but don’t worry! We are not! But do not expect it to get you through tough times though. Like the first edition, you’ll be done with it in a few hours, and be left yearning for more yet again. Like the best things in life.

Website: MonumentValley2

This is %100 one of those games that seem fun and light at first sight, but with more time spent on it, you will realize the depth.

Your character lives in a “dungeon” filled with traps, chests, potions, weapons, enemies, and more. The gameplay is fairly easy. Works like many other arcade games.

On a very surface level, it’s as easy as that, but the nuances to the story and design keep you coming back again and again. For example, some weapons affect only one square, while others impact an entire line or larger area. Chests can contain valuable or harmful items, while potions can have positive or negative effects, or none at all.

Each character has strengths and weaknesses, which make a big difference in how you play. All in all it has a very satisfying game experience!

Websites: DungeonCards

Released years ago, The Room quickly became a classic. This one is a rare game it manages to be genuinely scary sometimes; the details and the difficulty of the game go perfectly with the storyline and made it arguably the best puzzle game out there.

The story follows an engineer. His wife has disappeared, and the trail leads right to the attic of their own house. In there, he founds a peculiar dollhouse… and that’s when it all begins. Every little thing matters as you keep exploring.

With its dark and gloomy plot, interesting graphics, and semi-scary soundtrack, this is one of those games you definitely should play with headphones and maybe at night too. Just make sure you can sleep after.

Website: TheRoom

Since the board game version of this amazing game is hard to carry around, we were quite happy to discover the mobile game version of the game was as good if not better than the board game. Colorful and lively, the landscape designs look amazing, and the game is quite easy to play whether you’re a newbie or a veteran at this point.

The gameplay is the same as the board game except for the few additional game modes and characters which gives the gameplay experience a more realistic touch.

Website: Carcassonne

I know what you’re thinking; oh great chess?!? Like a granpa? But listen elders knew exactly what they are doing and plus this one has a twist to the game we all know and love!

While the board and rules are all the same, the starting pieces are entirely different for both players. It looks a lot like what you’d get if you put a few hundred chess pieces in a bag, shook them around, and pulled them out at random. Three queens, six knights, and a scattering of pawns? Sure, sounds great.

As your rank goes higher your advantage in the game goes lower. A lot of people has said that this new approach to chess make them learn the propper way of playing it. With this mobile game you can impress anyone; but you should throw hand gestures like in the Queen’s Gambit!

Website: ReallyBadChess

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