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Architecture Pages on Instagram to Follow for Inspiration

There is no shortage of architects and designers on Instagram sharing their work and offering inspiration to others. With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start. Here are six architects and designers from around the world that are worth following for their stunning work and unique perspectives.

Austrian architect Chris Precht lives in an amazing eco house in the mountains and gets his inspiration from exactly there. His Instagram page is a catalog of his beautiful architectural and sustainability projects. He has a very ecological approach to design that shows through the posts. The Instagram page is a must-follow.

He also gives insta live lectures where he announces beforehand and gets fully ready for it as if he is giving a course at a university.

Website: ChrisPrecht

Ashiesh Shah has a different aesthetic of space, and his works are based on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi (world view centered on the acceptance of imperfections) which inspires his choice of natural materials such as raw stones and woods.

Scroll through his Instagram account for inspiration for your next project or just for your mood board!

Websites: AshieshShah

If you want to find ways to make your house better than it is right now, this Instagram account is the one.

The Paris-based studio was founded by Pierre Yovanovitch. It mixes elements of modernism, vintage furniture, and luxurious art, which gives his projects a unique personality of their own.

Every design by Yovanovitch shows his ability to put historical and vintage elements to suit more modern lifestyles and tastes. This Instagram page is just that. A master class on how to put two seemingly opposite things together to create something coherent

This Tunisian – Parisian architect has a very French lux aesthetic to his designs. You can see this in all of Charles Zana’s works. His trademark is the way he uses space and volume, and he plays with the materials and colors to really accentuate that.

His Instagram shows his loud style, creating a comfortable space while still protecting the level of elegance. Zana creates highly curated spaces while also keeping their functionality.

Website: CharlesZana

Rooshad Shroff is hugely well known in the furniture and design realm. If you want to reuse your grandma’s traditional furniture or re-do your house with a modern and minimalist touch, then this is precisely the Instagram account you should be following.

Shroff Studio is the most known for its aesthetically integrated designs. The studio’s portfolio has architecture, interior design, industrial design, and, even for the last seven years, visual merchandising. French luxury brand Hermès assigned Shroff to design their boutique window displays. Shroff’s projects always come with immense attention to detail, excellent artisanry, and high-end luxury in each of his projects.

Website: RooshadShroff

One of the most famous and globally renowned architects and designers, Zaha Hadid, still to this day is remembered for her bold and futuristic designs that just keep being relevant.

After her passing, the company still follows in her footsteps and is run by Maha Kutay and Woody Yao.

The late architect’s firm, Zaha Hadid Architects and Zaha Hadid Design, have one of the best design Instagram accounts. You can follow them for inspiration and also learn what is new in design because this firm creates the trends ten years prior. Its trademarks are stream-lined designs that can belong to a very futuristic movie but still protects its functionality.

Website: ZahaHadid

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