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Slow internet? Here is how to increase your internet speed.

The digital age has turned the internet into an essential part of our daily lives, from work meetings to leisure activities. However, an agonizingly slow internet connection can wreak havoc on your daily tasks, from disrupting your Zoom meetings to buffering your favorite shows. But before you pull your hair out or spend a fortune upgrading your plan, let’s dive into some practical solutions to get your internet back on track.

Why Your Router Deserves a Restart

Your router is the heartbeat of your home internet. Think of it as the manager; it needs to reset its priorities now and then. When you reset your router, it can potentially clear out hackers, free up memory, and even implement crucial updates. However, be sure to:

Stay away from the reset buttons on the router.

Unplug it from all devices and its power source.

Wait about a minute before restarting.

Navigating the World of Wi-Fi Channels

Did you know your router likely operates on multiple channels? With dual-band or tri-band routers, you can choose between 2.5Ghz and 5GHz frequencies. The trick lies in balancing your devices between these bands:

5GHz is faster but shorter-ranged, ideal for devices near the router.

2.5GHz is longer-ranged but slower, perfect for far-off devices.

If your router doesn’t auto-allocate, dive into the settings to manually assign devices.

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Keep a Check on Your Device Parade

Remember, the more the devices, the more the internet gets divided. Especially with homes getting smarter and everyone owning multiple devices, routers can get overwhelmed. Regularly manage connected devices:

Boot off unfamiliar devices.

Allocate bandwidth based on device needs. Your gaming console might need more than your smart lamp!

Set time limits to manage internet usage during peak hours.

Old-school Ethernet to the Rescue

Wi-Fi is convenient, but nothing beats the speed and stability of a direct wired connection. If your device is near your router, consider plugging into an Ethernet port for an immediate speed boost.

Clean Up Your DNS

Imagine your DNS as an address book. With websites shifting servers occasionally, your DNS might have outdated addresses, slowing your connection. A timely DNS flush can work wonders:

Open the Command prompt as an administrator on Windows.

Type “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit enter. Voila! Your DNS is refreshed.

Rethink Your Browser Choice

Is your internet slowing down mainly during browsing? Consider switching to lightweight browsers like Brave or Opera. They prioritize essential content, ensuring a faster browsing experience. Google Chrome, too, is a go-to choice for many looking for speed.


Slow internet can be a productivity killer, but with these simple yet effective tweaks, you can ensure a smoother online experience. Whether it’s working from home, gaming, or just catching up on the latest shows, a stable internet connection is the backbone of modern life. Implement these hacks and say goodbye to those pesky buffers and lags.

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