Monday, July 22, 2024


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Elon Musk Consider Charging $1 Fee to Combat Bots on Platform X


Elon Musk, renowned for his pioneering endeavors in technology and business, is experimenting with an intriguing subscription model for the platform previously known as Twitter, now rebranded as X. This pilot program is currently underway in New Zealand and the Philippines. At the heart of this venture is a $1 annual subscription, designed with the aim of curbing bot activities on the platform. Users desiring to post or respond to content on X will be subject to this minimal yearly fee. However, Musk, ever the strategist, also offers an alternative for those who opt out of the payment. Such users will retain the ability to browse and read posts but will be barred from active engagements such as posting or replying. This move not only hints at potential revenue models for the future but also holds promise to elevate the quality of genuine user engagements by minimizing automated bot interference.

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