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Beginners Guide: Winterize Your Home

As the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to change, it’s time to begin preparing for winter. Winterizing your home is a great way to ensure that your home is comfortable and energy-efficient during the cold months ahead. Taking the time to winterize now can help you save money on utility bills, as well as providing peace of mind throughout the season.



This chair pad is perfect for those who are always cold! You can adjust the temperature to your liking, and it will heat up in no time. It’s also very comfortable, thanks to the soft material and padding. Three-speed temperature Adjustable, rapid heating in seconds, multiple temperatures adjustable use. The USB interface is easy to use. The interface is wear-resistant and durable, with built-in overvoltage and short-circuit protection modules.


Introducing Big Cat Claws Warm Slippers! These slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm all winter long. Made from a soft, plush material and lined with fleece, these slippers will be your new favorite way to keep your feet comfortable. The bottom of the slipper is textured to prevent slipping, and the claws add a playful touch. 


This foot warmer, comfortable short plush, made of high-quality materials, removable/removable, and washable. The cartoon pattern is cute and funny, and it is also a good gift for the family.


The heating device will work at any main terminal and is perfect for the home, garage, office, sheds and many other small.This powerful little unit heats up to 32 degrees, but it stays cool to the touch and features a built-in cut off to prevent overheating


Product: Simple Electric Wall Socket Heater Fan 

Made of high-quality polyester cotton with the characteristics of soft and comfortable, has a long life. Self-heating socks relieve leg fatigue, pain, regulate the nervous system, self-heating, remove moisture and stop odor remove swelling of the legs and feet peeling of the skin, produce a static foot massage, regulate blood flow.

There are several buttons on the top of the heater that make it easy to control the heater with a single push. Designed with an overheat protection function, the power can be cut off when the temperature is overheated, the dump function is automatically cut off, and the power supply is stopped when the heater is dumped.

After a long, stressful day, it’s natural to experience stiffness around the neck and shoulders. If left untreated this tightness can cause tension build-up, muscle pain, and headaches. Heat therapy increases blood flow to the sore areas of your body causing muscles to relax and healing to happen faster.

The Electric Neck Shoulder Auto Heating Pad is the perfect product for all of your heating needs. The Electric Neck Shoulder Auto Heating Pad is a new technology that has been created to help people who are experiencing chronic pain in their neck, shoulder, or back. This product automatically heats the pad on both sides of the blanket with just one touch of a button. It also comes with an overheating protection feature, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot and burning you.

This microwaving silicone bottle is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day, and it’s great for relieving abdominal pain too! The soft and elastic material will keep you feeling cozy while the water is hot in the bag.

This heating mat is an electric heater using materials with excellent heat-generating properties,can generate enough heat,even wearing shoes, you can feel the heat in just a few minutes after turning it on, Let you say goodbye to the embarrassment of taking off your shoes in the office.

Product: Electric Heated Thermal Foot Floor Mat Carper

Knee Sleeves Thermal Protector Cover Pad provides protection for your knees and thighs from heat, cold, injuries, and strains. It is ideal for exercising and other activities. It provides heat protection and aids in muscle recovery.


This knee pad provides a comfortable, close-fitting fit that will help you stay focused on your training. It features a flexible material that molds to your knee and can be worn all day without discomfort.


The Portable Electric Folding Space Heater is a great product for those who are looking for an easy-to-use space heater that can be folded up and stored away when not in use. It’s designed to plug into any standard wall outlet, but the best part about this space heater is that it has a built-in handle so you can easily carry it from room to room!

The one-way mirror window film provides great intended privacy during DAYTIME ONLY; the mirror effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. The side with the most light will have a mirror-like appearance.

Product: Anti UV One Way Mirror Film Daytime Privacy

This electric dryer machine is designed to dry clothes, shoes, hats, feather products quickly. In the process of drying, your clothes are isolated from the external to protect from dust, insects, bacteria. Much cleaner and safer than the traditional drying method.

Product: Portable Electric Fan Rotating Dryer

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