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An Amazing Portable & Sustainable Tiny DW House

Nowadays, we all look forward to seeing different places and getting a different atmosphere. We missed exploring new places, traveling, planning a trip, even sitting in a cafe and having dinner with our friends. But what if staying at home could be more enjoyable and our home could be portable? This would be a very good idea and we could pull our house to the shore of any lake.

Successful in innovative, modern, and useful prefabricated buildings, Modern-Shed found a solution to this need by designing Dwelling on Wheels, or DW for short, a tiny wheelhouse of 220 square feet (20.5 square meters).

Let’s take a closer look at the perfect design that people who love to travel and explore can bring along on the road and sit on the shoreline or in the nearby river for overnight stays and views.

It is designed to withstand fluctuating climates, sudden temperature changes, and variable weather conditions, and its exterior is wrapped in a steel cladding. An industrial country house design has been applied. To further its efforts to preserve its carbon footprint, Modern-Shed installed a small solar panels unit on top of the steel roof. The complete unit measures 8.5 feet (2.6 m.) High, 26 feet (7.9 m.) Long, 16 feet (4.85 m.) Wide. To further enhance DW’s low carbon commitment, it can install both a water tank and a composting unit in each small home.

The interior of Dwelling on Wheels contains everything you might need to feel at home away from home. When you first enter through the floor-to-ceiling double-glazed door at the entrance, birch-covered interior walls open up the small living space inside, while a small wood stove welcomes you in the living room of the house. The kitchen of the house is also covered with birch wood cabinets and equipped with thin wall heaters, infrared cooktops, both a recessed sink and seating, and a removable dining table.

The floor is covered with linoleum and adds a warm look to space. It is possible to comfortably accommodate up to three people at DW. Two beds that are almost Queen at the bottom and the twin bed above it come with integrated storage space just below the bunk bed unit. The sleek, tall, and curving sky wall windows offer unlimited outdoor views from anywhere in the small house.

Seattle-based and founded by Ryan Smith, Modern-Shed has taken the hut on the road with The Dwelling on Wheels, after two decades proving its leadership in the world of backyard sheds. DW offers a classic interpretation of a recognizable home with a flexible triangular shape and a smart, energy-efficient design that meets all needs in a small 8x30ft compact house. All you have to do is find out exactly where we will be and sit back and enjoy the moment.

Modern-Shed is very attractive because it is innovative, sustainable, prefabricated. Great for enjoying nature, off-grid living, or as a second remote home. Meeting such an innovative, sustainable, self-sufficient minimal design made us very happy. We hope that such designs will increase. We loved this house and we hope you loved it too!

Designer: Modern Shed

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