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5 Websites Will Help You To Get A Job

We are in the century of technology. Before getting prepared, we always search on the internet. And this is extremely normal. But do you know some websites can help more than others?

I will show you five different websites to change your life and even help to land a job. If you are interested, keep reading.

Before showing you the list, I want to say a few words about the websites. These websites are different than every other. But they are on the same page. How? If you correctly use them, they will change your life.

They are going to motivate and help you.

Arc Browser

Source: The Sweet Setup

It is a new web browser. If you are bored with the old and usual ones, you can give this a try. It has different features, such as pinned tabs, folders, etc.

It is still in beta. But it deserves a chance.

Website: The Browser

Up Next App

Source: Up Next

This is an app, not a website. But it doesn’t change its effect. Up Next helps you to see and join meetings from the menu bar.

It makes joining the meetings easier and helps you plan your day more effectively.

Website: UpNext App


Source: Poised

This is my second favorite website on the list. Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity.

It will help you to prepare for your interview. It asks some questions, and AI helps with the correct answer. It doesn’t just correct your answer; it also shows you how to act during the interview. Isn’t it awesome?

Website: Poised


Salary Design

Source: Salary Design

Your interviews went well, and now you are talking about the salary. But you don’t know what to say. If you are in this situation or a similar one, you should check this website.

Salary Design shows you the salaries, like how it says. You only need to write the job title, country, and level. And your salary is on the screen.


Website: Salary Design


Tech Interview Handbook

This is my favorite website on the list. If you have a coding interview and don’t know where to start, the tech interview handbook is there for you.

You can find nearly everything about tech interviews on the website. It is suitable for those who are going to start a new career or a fresh graduate.

Website: Tech interview Handbook

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