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5 Outdoor Adventure Apps That Every Maverick Needs

When it comes to outdoor adventure, there are a few essential apps that every maverick needs in their arsenal. From finding the perfect campsite to tracking your progress on the trail, these apps will help you make the most of your time outdoors. Here are 5 outdoor adventure apps that every maverick needs:

Looking for places to explore? Find nearby activities easily with Oh Ranger, the app that puts dozens of destinations and adventures at your fingertips.

Website: Oh,Ranger!

Search through national park guides in the REI Guide to National Parks app. With built-in trail maps and must-see sites, this is a perfect tool for planning and enjoying your next national park visit.

AllTrails helps you find thousands of hiking, biking and running trails. It’s a great source of info, plus you can track your hike, check different maps, and post photos. It’s also easy to report issues to the highly responsive app dev team.

Website: AllTrails

Packing List by Mariano Rezk is the best checklist packing app we’ve found, and the developer is actively engaged in making ongoing improvements. And when making your list, don’t forget to include elite health sunscreen and snacks loaded with antioxidants so you can thrive in the sun on your trip.

Website: PackingTips

Geocaching is one of those rare tech things that’s actually good for kids, and with the Geocaching app you can join the world’s largest treasure hunting community. Loaded with features, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox.

Website: Geocaching

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