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15 Most Essential Kitchen Tools You Should Never Miss

There are so many tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones you need and which ones you don’t. It’s time to get cooking! You can’t do that without the right tools. Here are some of the most essential kitchen tools you should never miss out on:

It is odorless and heat-resistant. Suitable for pan’s long handle, anti-splash and anti-scald.This is a great kitchen tool to protect your hands.

buy here: Kitchen Anti-splash Hand Cover Protector

Rotary handle 360° rotary cleaning, the handle is made of plastic coating to prevent scratches on the bottle mouth. The triangular bracket design at the end of the handle can stand and drain water, with high stability, and keep the brush head dry and clean. The 22cm long handle is widely used and is suitable for cleaning containers such as glasses, jugs, and red wine glasses.

buy here: Long Handle Vertical Cleaning Sponge Brush

This sealer with cutters adopts a dual-use design, perfect for sealing and cutting plastic food saver bags. No longer necessary to use open-cut scissors or other dangerous tools, and the slide battery cover avoids the heated plates to touch each other and accidental operations.

buy here: Mini Portable Cutter Bag Sealer

This is the perfect product for any baker or chef! It can be used as a brush to apply oil, butter, and other ingredients. The design of the bottle is also great for easy storage in your kitchen cabinet. 

buy here: Multifunctional Oil Bottle Baking Brush

The Rechargeable Automatic Salt Pepper Grinder is the perfect tool for any kitchen. With a rechargeable battery, this grinder has never been easier to use. The design of this product also helps prevent any accidents from happening because there are no sharp blades outside which could cut someone’s finger if they were reaching into the grinder.

buy here: Rechargeable Automatic Salt Pepper Grinder

This palm peeler is easy to operate, can avoid the damage of the blade when peeling, and you don’t worry about the peeler slipping off, making peeling more convenient. It is suitable for peeling most vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, pears, etc. It is a very practical kitchen tool.

buy here: Double Finger Vegetable Peeler

This multifunctional Kitchen Cooking Spoon is food-grade quality, tasteless, non-toxic, and hygienic. Your all-in-one kitchen utensils for your culinary journey. Made of PP material, it’s high-temperature resistant, safe, and environment friendly.

buy here: Multifunctional Magic Cooking Spoon

Vegetable and fruit washing machine is widely used for cleaning tableware, fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils, bottles, rice, fish, meat, seafood, food and purifying tap water, glasses, jewelry.

buy here: Portable Vegetable Disinfection Capsule

Bamboo fiber dishwashing gloves feature particles design, increasing the friction and making it have a better grip. Waterproof fiber scrubbing gloves are durable and long-lasting bamboo fiber material, not easy to wear.

buy here: Reusable Waterproof Fiber Dishwashing Gloves

It can be used as a cutting board, the tray can be used as a vegetable washing basket and drain basket, the bottom of the drain screen is designed for the water filter hole, and the fruits and vegetables are washed and drained, which is convenient to use.

buy here: Multifunctional Storage Basket Cutting Board

The built-in guide holds the blades at the perfect angle, and a catch tray underneath collects all the metal shavings. Professional electric knife sharpener, high-speed rotating sapphire stone shapes and hones the blade, easy to sharpen your knife effortlessly.

buy here: Portable Electric Cordless Knife Sharpener Tool

Electric milk frother has strong endurance, a universal USB charging interface and can be directly connected to the mobile power supply and computer equipment charging. Use a handheld whisk to make food, health, and nutrition, and an electric milk frother makes it easy for you to make delicious food.

buy here: 3-Speeds Rechargeable Handheld Whisk

Thin garlic slices quickly and safely with a sharp, angled, bi-directional stainless steel blade. So convenient and efficient. An integrated food chamber keeps garlic contained and protects hands while slicing.

buy here: Stainless Steel Manual Garlic Grinder

Rolling pastry and cooking cutter.Perfect for pastries, bread, cookies, biscuits, tarts, mini pizzas, etc.Easy to use, save time when cutting continuous ovals.Large, comfortable handle with a hole, easy to store by just hanging it on your kitchen’s wall.

buy here: Creative Easy Dough Cutter Tool

Simply lay your sushi rice and favorite ingredients into the sushi roller machine, close it, and press out a perfectly rolled sushi roll. The uniquely designed side clips make it would not pop off. It just takes a second to clean your sushi bazooka.

buy here: Quick DIY Sushi Maker Tool

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