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13 Unıque Phone Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

We’ve all seen it: someone in the office, the subway, and even the classroom is completely absorbed by their phone. They ignore their surroundings, the people around them, and the world as a whole, in favor of checking their latest text messages, notifications, and social media updates. We decided to write a blog to make life easier for people living with their phones and to find solutions to some problems. And as a result, we’ve picked out 13 tech gadgets that will help you get the most out of your phone, without taking over your life.

 Charge your devices on the go with this stylish, high-capacity power bank that also holds your phone. A smart, sleek design with a world-class look and feel puts this power bank one step ahead of the rest

buy here: Portable Power Bank Phone Holder

Simply attach it to the back of your smartphone and within seconds, you can begin to use it as the glue dries. There is really no possibility of them falling off once it is attached to your device unless you pull it off yourself.

buy here:Aluminum Ultra Thin Foldable Phone Stand

You only need to link to Bluetooth, no need to set up, no simulator, completely fool-like operation, Apple mobile phone, iPad, Android mobile phone, you can use this remote control normally.

buy here: Bluetooth Selfie Phone Remote Control

Preventing and controlling cell phone addiction, preventing excessive smoking, reasonable control of snacks, controlling children ’s toys and gamepads are fun ways to control addiction and develop good habits.

buy herePhone Timer Focus Lock Box

This mini mic has a unique design, small size, clear recording and directional one-way stereo. For most people, external microphone recording can be a very important feature, especially in class or work meetings. This model microphone uses a standard 3.5mm plug, plug-in power operation without battery, ensuring reliability in almost all conditions.

buy here:Mini Phone Jack Microphone

This product has a high-efficiency lithium battery with a high-efficiency recharge function which is portable and easy to use.

buy here: Solar Power Bank Keychain

Easy to Operate: Simply connect your speaker/headset with our device, immediately transform your speaker/headset into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker/headset.

buy here: Car Bluetooth Aux Transmitter

This product can be used as a lighter or a phone stand. The lighter could be worked under any weather condition, especially the wind day

buy here:Windproof Lighter Mobile Phone Holder

Mobile Phone Dustproof Net Stickers can effectively prevent dust from entering the earphone hole without affecting the sound transmission. It is dust-proof and splash-proof and easy to use.

buy here: Universal Phone Speaker Dust Proof Sticker Net

Built-in intelligent thermopile sensor can be connected with the mobile phone to measure quickly within one second. The non-contact design only needs to align the forehead center or wrist, 1-8 cm away from the skin, and it can measure thermometer only 1 second, accurate to 0.1 degrees.

buy here:Mini Mobile Phone USB Thermometer

Enjoy games at your spare time: have fun just like a child whether in the plane, travelling, waiting for a taxi, family day or friends gathering, very relaxed, not boring anymore

buy here: Retro Game Tetris Phone Case For iPhone Models

This product is durable and easy to use, with built-in high-power speakers and microphones, making it the best assistant for mobile phones. With a built-in powerful magnet, it can be easily removed or fixed. Thanks to this product, you can safely use your vehicle and make your calls. 

buy here: Bluetooth Handsfree Car Speakerphone

Double for lightning ring adapter holder, it’s 4 in 1 function, audio + phone call + charge + game volume control adapter holder. Mini bending style, enjoy playing a game. 180 degrees bend adjustable angles, durable to use 

buy here: Ring Holder 2 in 1 For iPhone Aux Cable Converter

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