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13 Best Wall Decors on Mavigadget

Wall decor is a way of expressing your personality in your home. It’s also a great way to spruce up the room and make it look more inviting.

This handmade LED romantic town wall art is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts. 

buy here: 
Handmade LED Romantic Town Wall Art

This is a beautiful wooden horse sculpture that will look great in any room of the house. 

buy here: 3D Wooden Craft Horse Hanging Wall Decor

Do you need to decorate your home or office? Why not try 3D Modern Creative Character Wall Decor! This is perfect for indoor decoration!

buy here: 3D Modern Creative Character Wall Decor

This is a creative product that can be used as a fish tank or to raise flowers. It’s also an attractive decoration for your home.

buy here:Wall Mounted Transparent Fish Tank Flower Vase

Sticky strong, will not easily fall off.Look lively, exquisite, and fashionable. 

buy here:3D DIY Sticker Wall Clock

These Sculptures are unique decoration items, that showcase tremendous creativity combined with high quality. Simplistic features that create a striking.

buy here: 3D Eagle Sculpture Home Wall Decor

A Vintage clock Decor records The perfect combination of retro and modern art-the wall clock is made of real 12-inch vinyl records through our unique design, while the dial is made of specially customized stickers.

buy here:Skull Gothic Wall Clock

This Angel Wings is made of iron. This is perfect for your home also would give a nice touch in a restaurant, coffee shop and hotel lobby. 

buy here:Iron Angel Wings Wall Decor

The Nordic Ledge is an elegant, modern wall shelf with a minimalist design that will bring a unique accent to any space. It is a unique and functional glass shelf.

buy here: Nordic Ledge Mount Wall Glass Shelf

Add the look of goofiness to your decor with this figurative, amazing and cute. Just hang it and have an amazing time

buy here:Sloth Animal Wall Hanging Sculpture

You will add a unique atmosphere to your spaces with this modern and elegant wall lamp.

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Modern Creative Chinese Lotus Wall Lamp

The acrylic moon shape creates a beautiful glow around the room. This Acrylic Moon LED Wall Lamp is perfect for any room in the house.

buy here:
Acrylic Moon LED Wall Lamp

Amazing high-quality lamp for your home. This adds the perfect touch for your modern home. Horse shape head is very high quality and can last forever in your home without any defect.

buy here:
Nordic Horse Wall Lamp

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