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12 Must Have Baby Gadgets

Babies are cute, but sometimes they can be quite a handful if you’re not prepared. In order to make the most out of the first year of your baby’s life, it pays to have a few simple baby care products at the ready. These 15 products will help you care for your little one from the moment he or she arrives home from the hospital!

This newborn hammock attaches to your baby’s crib and is made to help reduce the environmental risk factors associated with SIDS. It can promote healthy development for babies and recreate the posture they’d be in a while in your embrace.

The baby bottle rack can be installed in the stroller. This baby bottle rack can easily help you feed your baby. At the same time, this cute bottle holder is easy to carry, and you can put it in a baby bag.

This crumb catcher keeps food and liquid off the floor! The pocket can also be flipped to the back, turning the sleeved bib into a smock apron.

Have you ever been carrying your baby around and thought, “It would be great if I could carry them hands-free!”? Well now you can with the Hands-Free Baby Shoulder Carrier Seat! It’s so easy! You just put your baby in and go! 

This product is made of durable ABS material, making it durable and could be used for a long time. This nail polisher is ergonomically designed, which fits the palm of your hand and brings you a comfortable feel.

A baby carrier for a newborn has an enlarged arc stool to better support the baby’s thighs, the M design that allows the knees to be higher than the buttocks when your babysits is more ergonomic.

What is the best gift for your baby?  A baby crib hammock!  The baby can sleep well and you can sleep in peace. The design of the Baby Crib Hammock is simple. It is a swing bed for babies that hang in the baby’s cot.  It is not only a baby cradle but also a baby swing.

Helping children get used to staying close with parents and prevent kids from losing when they go out. And it also can prevent children from falling down and is used as walking training equipment.

The clip-on suction cup is very easy to install. A great product for washing newborn babies! Make the legs face the wall, ensuring that the suction cup grips the washbasin firmly.

With this product, carrying a stroller will no longer be a burden to you. The super-light Stroller is the newest and most classic foldable Stroller in the market. With its light and stylish design, you can easily take it with you anywhere. It is durable with a high-strength carbon steel frame. The 4-wheel design provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

The baby bathtub is perfect for your newborn! This baby bathtub is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It is the perfect tub for newborns and can even be used by toddlers as they grow! It has an ergonomic design and comfortable sides for your baby’s safety and comfort. Baby bathtubs are a necessity for many new parents. It’s also great for travel!  It is a perfect gift for new parents.

This umbrella was specially designed for a baby stroller. Light and thin, it is easy to fold and carry around. The strap at the bottom can be adjusted according to the length of the baby stroller. It is the best baby stroller umbrella for the hot summer!

This kind of contactless mini infrared thermometer is useful to measure body/object temperature. Helps you know your condition as soon as possible.

When the weather is getting cold, the warm milk turns cold soon. The baby bottle heater can preserve heat for a long time, your cute baby enjoys healthy warm milk.  

The baby rocking cradle is a new baby kid bed, it is a multi-function rocking cradle, especially for babies. Baby will love to sit in this cradle and rock gently to sleep, while you enjoy the convenience of its built-in Bluetooth speaker with remote control. Plays soothing music to help your baby fall asleep and features six different lullabies to choose from. Using the remote control, you can adjust the volume or the songs, or turn the cradle on and off.

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