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12 Creative And Impressive Murals You Have Got to See

Street artists turn empty walls, abandoned buildings into a work of art thanks to their skilled hands and minds. Graffiti has turned from vandalism into art.
What drives these artists to produce these works is neither money nor fame. They just bring out their passion for art. They convey their personal thoughts, views on art, politics, and social events to people through this art reflection.
In this article, we have compiled some of the breathtaking street arts for you. We hope you enjoy it and start interpreting the works according to your own opinion.

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat&Andy Warhol Mural,Williamsburg/NYC by Eduardo Kobra

Pop Art legend Warhol and ’80s superstar Basquiat’s Michael Halsband wearing boxing gloves with crossed arms. Cobra added its vibrant colors to this image with the hashtag #FightForStreetArt. In this art piece, Kobra makes reference to popular culture and consumerism.

2. Mural in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil by Brusk

This piece was a part of Art Rua Urban Art Festival 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

3. Flower Mural: Spontaneity Of NYC By Brolga

In this special piece titled “Flower Wall Painting”, Brolga describes how he captured the “spontaneity that occurs at any given moment in a busy NY street”.

4.The Legend Of Giants, Białystok/Poland by Natalia Rak

5. Monkey Business, Warsaw/Poland by ETAM CRU

6. On The Outside Looking In, Williamsburg/NYC by Misha T of Groundswell

The aim of this work was to create a mural that exhibits and interprets the changes in the neighborhood and its artistic identity and “innovative culture”. The piece contains happy-looking brown and white animals enjoying a coffee indoors while enjoying a city view from the windows.

7. Double Trouble, Toronto/Canada, by Shalak Attack

A beautiful mural of two bears was created in Toronto, Canada in 2015 by Canadian-Chilean visual artist Shalak Attack. Bringing contemporary graffiti art to the streets, this artist produces excellent works.

8. Chrome Dog Mural at Art Basel Miami by Bik Ismo

Puerto Rican street artist Bik Ismo created this mesmerizing metallic dog mural for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School during Art Basel Miami The piece took about four days and was completed entirely with spray paint, reflecting objects, and scenes from the surrounding area.

9. Kobe Mural, NYC/USA by Mark Paul Deren (@madsteez)

California artist Mark Paul Deren completed a large mural on Eldridge Street that both honors and celebrates the Bryant father-daughter duo. Using his signature style of vibrant colors he’s brought life into the heartwarming mural.

10. POLVERE DI STELLE, Napoli/Italy by INTI

11. Everyone Is Searching for It, Milan by Millo

12. Mural in Montreal, Montreal/ Canada by Seth Globepainter

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