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12 Best Kids Games on Mavigadget

When you’re looking for a game to play with your kids, it can be hard to find something that is both fun and educational. These 12 games are perfect for children of all ages!

This wall-mounted toy basketball hoop adds fun to your interior. Easy to assemble and mount.  This mini basketball hoop toy is a great accomplishment for the little ones in your family to while away some time while keeping busy. 

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Wall-Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop Toy Set

Fun board game turns family game night a lot more fun when you and a fellow friend lizard race to collect the most bugs. Similar to a party blower, puffing into the plastic tongue unfurls it for a quick strike. Whoever knocks down the correct target card first wins the game.

buy here: Frog Tongue Mask Cards Toy Set

The Crocodile Bite Kids Game Toy is a game of chance and a fun toy that you can play with your friends. It has been proven the most popular toy for kids in America and worldwide!

buy here: Crocodile Bite Kids Game Toy

The bamboo man is an ancient toy. In the age when toys need to be homemade, people use bamboo and rope to connect and use the gap on the desk to play, 

buy here:Bamboo Soldier Interactive Table War Game

This hammer battle toy is a perfect toy for children’s hands-on ability. Easy and interesting to play, press button and use hammer to knock opponent robots heads,

buy here: Funny Anti Stress Interactive Battle Table Game

, it is just like this real football field. Let children enjoy and develop their baby’s thinking, and provide wonderful early childhood gifts for children.

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Portable Mini Fun Table Soccer Game

Don’t fall into the trap of the opponent! See who can get the final victory! Each player takes turns to roll the spinner and take down one block as per the color shown on the spinner. The one who makes the penguin fall off the block loses the game.

buy here:Save Penguin Ice Block Breaker Game

The game is about a penguin family who lives on a boat. The goal of the game is to balance all members of your family on the boat without them falling in the water. There are many cute little animals that will help you while playing this game and it’s also educational! 

buy here:Penguin Boat Balance Family Game

 This is a 2 in 1 game console, which features a USB fan!  The game and the fan can be used at the same time, or they can be controlled separately.

buy here:2in1 Portable Mini Game Console with Fan

Made of high-quality plastic material, this finger boxing toy is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable to play with.It is a great educational toy kit, which can exercise the child’s hands ability and promote parent-child interaction.

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Finger Boxing Game Interactive Toy Machine

This toy can attract children’s attention and is very suitable for testing mental skills and challenging children’s patience.

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Electric Bump Maze Kids Science Game

Fun voice makes children play more happily, every jump is full of fun and more rhythmic sense. 

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Kids Fun Toy Bouncer

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