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5 Apps To Take Your Cooking Game To The Next Level

Do you want to cook at home more often but need to know where to start? You are a perfect place to be.
Cooking is a must in our life. When I was younger, my mom used to cook for me. But I am an adult now and have to cook for myself. I used to be terrible at cooking. I am not saying I am a professional now. At least I can feed myself.
In this blog, you will read and learn more about five free cooking apps. Let’s look at them closer!
These apps helped me a lot to learn how to cook. I hope you can learn through them too.


Source: Pepper App

Once you upload the app, you will never return to the website pages. It is like a social media app but for cooking. There is an explore page. You can find delicious recipes and spend hours looking for new ones.

Website: Pepper the app

Source: All Recipes is a huge community.

You can ask the app to recommend a recipe for any occasion, or you can browse recipes by category.

The recipes that the community has deemed to be the finest frequently come with thorough step-by-step videos and helpful hints.




Source: Epicurious

You can subscribe to the most recent recipe video feed and receive fresh content every day if you like to experiment with different cuisines. Many people consider Epicurious to be the best online culinary resource for home cooks.

By generating shopping lists straight from recipes, Epicurious can also assist you in gathering all the supplies from the market. Additionally, the Smart Kitchen Timer function allows

Epicurious to provide you with an exact estimate of how long each component will take to cook.

Website: Epicurious


Source: Typelish

It is not just a cooking app. It teaches you how to cook, which is essential. It teaches you from the very beginning. If you are the one saying, “I can’t even cook an egg,” this app is right for you.

Oh She Glows

Every app has its unique recipes; of course, we all know that. But this app is really good for vegan people. It has various vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free recipes.

All you have to do is download the app.

Website: Oh She Glows

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