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10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Reels Videos Go Viral

Since reels have been available on Instagram for a while, it’s getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Don’t let it deter you from making them, though. We’ll provide you some practical pointers and strategies for producing quick films that succeed on this network.

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Reels Videos Go Viral

1. Focus on a Specific Niche or Topic

Find a topic or category on Instagram and post about it frequently is one of the strategies to attract followers and go viral there.

Due to the machine learning used in Instagram’s algorithm, people who are already interested in the subject of your posts will see them. This is why picking a theme or niche and sticking with it is so crucial. It’s a strategy we embrace at “,” where finding a unique niche strengthens our connection with our audience and supports our growth.

2. Include an Attention-Grabbing Hook

Since thousands of Reels are currently published every day, video must be genuinely interesting to become viral. Make reels online and include a personal touch to make them distinctive and unusual if you want them to stick out. It is crucial to make the initial few seconds of the video stand out from the start in order to grab the audience’s attention.

3. Make Them the Right Size

The ideal video resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This enables viewers to see videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio at the highest resolution possible. This means that you should shoot your video vertically.

4. Do Not Include Watermarks

When Instagram Reels was introduced, its goal was to persuade users to publish videos on Instagram rather than TikTok. The watermarks on TikTok are detectable by Instagram’s algorithm. Remove those watermarks in order to offer your films a chance to rank better.

5. Include Text in Your Video

Whether they are watching Stories or Reels, more than 80% of Instagram users reportedly watch videos without sound. Therefore, it’s a great idea to provide text or captions that can aid viewers in understanding the material without audio. People who have hearing problems will still be able to comprehend the video thanks to text.

6. Center Text in the Middle to Enable Grid Mode Viewing

Reels can be accessed and seen via the “Reels” tab or the In-Feed view, therefore it’s critical to always place your text in the “safe zone” in the middle of your video to prevent cutting it off.

7. Use Viral Elements

You can use features that are popular right now, such music or challenges, to offer your material the highest chance of becoming viral. This entails being current with trends and tracking how people are responding to them in order to put them into practice (as long as they fit within your category or theme).

8. Create a Custom Reel Cover


Making a unique reel cover will make your video stand out right away. The user will initially view this image before clicking on it.

The information will gain value from the cover, which also increases its appeal and beauty. Additionally, it will offer your profile continuity.

9. Use Hashtags to Promote Your Content


On Instagram, hashtags are an essential component of all posts. This is so that users who could be interested in your video can be shown it by Instagram’s algorithm, which they aid in understanding.

Care must be used when selecting hashtags. Because there is more competition, the most well-liked ones are not usually the finest.

10. Publish Your Reel at Peak Viewing Times

Not every hour is a good time to publish. Neither is every day. It’s important to know the times when most of your target audience is connected and available.

Once you determine the best days and times that will generate the most views, schedule your posts accordingly. This way, you’ll have a higher engagement rate.

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