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10 Products For People Who Live In Small Spaces

In a small space every square inch matters. From storing clothes to storing your food, there is a lot you can do with your space in order to save space. These amazing items will help give more surface area to your living space. They are designed to maximize space and make your home more comfortable. They will fit any lifestyle, budget and room size so you can find the perfect furniture and items for your needs. Mavigadget’s mission is to help people live more comfortably by designing practical solutions that make life easier.

This product comes in handy for people with limited space. Everything from knives, to strainers, can be easily kept together on a shelf. Cute and useful, it will make your space feel bigger than before and you will love its design of keeping everything close at hand while using less room for storage.

buy here: Stainless Steel Over-Sink Dish Rack Organizer


This mini compact washer has a simple and effective design to clean your clothing with a strong motor and pulsator. Just drop a half tablespoon of laundry liquid into an ordinary bucket, add water, fix this semi-automatic washer on the bucket and daily the timer; finally, turn on the switch. The machine operates as efficiently as a salad spinner to get clothes clean quickly while saving water and electricity for you.

buy here: Negative Ion Massage Electric Hair Brush

Retractable clothesline, the built-in recycling gear is used, and the steel wire rope is retracted at a constant speed to avoid injury caused by hand loosening the wire when stretching the wire rope.

buy here:Retractable No Drill Stainless Steel Drying Rope

A new kind of toilet with a sink on top in Japan enables you to transform an ordinary bathroom into a beautiful, modern bathroom.

buy here:Modern Japanese Toilet Top with Sink on Top

A great space-saver that can be folded down when not in use. The durable material makes it a useful storage basket that will last you for many years. 

buy here:Foldable Dirty Wall Laundry Basket

This item can help you to make good use of the space wasted all the time. It fits for almost any mountable place because it is jacked up flexibly. Above all, it’s nail-free, drill-free, glue-free! No worry about any damage or mark on your furniture. 

buy here: Retractable Cabinet Organizer Storage Shelf

This wall-mounted shelf is the perfect space-saving solution for any room in your home. The shelf is sturdy and extremely easy to install. It also provides additional storage space for books or decorative items.

buy here:
Foldable Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Shelf Table

If you have a small fridge, you lack storage space for food containers. The Fridge Organizer Under Shelf Drawer Box is designed to fit under the shelf of a standard refrigerator. The box can be used for storing fruits, vegetables, and much more. The Fridge Organizer Under Shelf Drawer Box is a great storage unit for your small fridge.

buy here: Fridge Organizer Under Shelf Drawer Box

There are several buttons on the top of the heater that make it easy to control the heater with a single push. Designed with an overheat protection function, the power can be cut off when the temperature is overheated, the dump function is automatically cut off, and the power supply is stopped when the heater is dumped.

buy here:
Mini Electric Wall Socket Heater

This is a great solution for those who live in a space-challenged home, or for those who are a little more adventurous and want to look for ways to create a more efficient and convenient bathroom.

buy here:
Space Saver Wall Bathroom Cabinet

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