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5 ways to have more space in the kitchen

A small kitchen is almost a problem for all of us. We want to put everything in a container and make a comfortable meal. However, most of us have a relatively small kitchen. If two people enter the kitchen at the same time, they cannot even move. One

You will see lots of information about how to use your small kitchen in a smart way, we will try to solve this issue as much as possible. We might not able to move to a larger kitchen, but we can make our own kitchen look bigger.

1-You can prepare small baskets under the kitchen sink

Credit: Buzzfeed

2-There are compartments where you can put small cleaning items behind the lid.


3- You can prepare a mechanism and hang your pans there.


4-Just like the beds, you can open and close the kitchen table.

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Winsome Trading, Inc. 89332 Burnett Kitchen, Round, Natural

5- Create some space on your kitchen counter with this organizer

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3 Tier Countertop Organizer with hooks

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