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10 Apps to Discover Secret Trails and Treks

Embarking on an outdoor adventure is an exhilarating experience. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, having the right tools can enhance your experience and ensure your safety. One such tool is a hiking app, which can help you discover new trails, navigate your way, learn about the local flora and fauna, and even connect with other hikers. Here are ten apps that you might find useful on your next hiking or trekking adventure:

    1. AllTrails (iOS & Android):

      • Discover and plan hikes based on difficulty, length, and user ratings.
      • Record your hikes and share them with a community of 20 million hikers.
      • Free version available; Pro version for $29.99/year offers offline maps and off-trail notifications.
    2. Gaia GPS (iOS & Android):

      • Known for its precise GPS tracking and extensive map collection.
      • Ideal for serious hikers and professional guides.
    3. Hiking Project (iOS & Android):

      • Provides trail info, photos, and user-generated content to inspire your next hike.
    4. Seek by iNaturalist (iOS & Android):

      • Identify and learn about the plants and animals you encounter on your hikes.
    5. Apple Fitness Tracker (iOS only):

      • Track your hiking performance and share it with friends and family.
    6. Cairn (iOS & Android):

      • Helps you find the best cellular coverage on the trail and allows you to share your location with emergency contacts.
    7. Google Maps (iOS & Android):

      • A reliable app for basic navigation and locating nearby trails.
    8. Star Walk 2 (iOS & Android):

      • Turn your hiking nights into a stargazing adventure by identifying stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies.
    9. Guthook Guides (iOS & Android):

      • Offers detailed guides for long-distance trails and provides real-time updates on water sources and other essential trail info.
    10. PeakVisor (iOS & Android):

      • Identify mountain peaks and ranges using your phone’s camera, enriching your hiking experience with geographical knowledge.

    These apps cater to a range of needs and preferences, from basic navigation to learning about the wilderness, ensuring a fulfilling and safe outdoor adventure. Each app has its unique features, and you might find having a combination of a few on your smartphone can cover all bases for a well-prepared trek.

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