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YouTube’s latest innovation lets users identify songs just by humming them.

YouTube has recently launched an exciting experiment on its Android app that allows users to search for songs by humming, singing, or recording a snippet of the tune. This feature aims to enhance the music recognition capabilities on the platform, rivaling popular apps like Shazam.

To use this search-by-song feature, users with access to the experiment can switch from YouTube’s voice search to the new song search option. They simply need to hum, sing, or record a few seconds of the song they wish to identify. YouTube’s technology then analyzes the audio and directs users to relevant videos on the platform, including official music videos, user-generated content, and Shorts.

At present, this experimental feature is only available to a small group of Android users. However, if it proves successful, we can anticipate YouTube rolling it out more widely in the future. Given YouTube’s status as a go-to platform for music discovery, this new search capability could be incredibly helpful for users seeking to identify songs.

Interestingly, YouTube’s experiment bears similarities to a feature that Google, YouTube’s parent company, introduced last year. Google’s song search allows users to identify songs by humming, whistling, or singing into the microphone icon on various Google apps and devices. However, one notable distinction is that Google’s feature requires users to hum for a longer duration of 10-15 seconds to accurately match the song.

Both YouTube’s and Google’s technologies rely on machine learning models that analyze the unique “fingerprint” or signature melody of a song to make accurate identifications. In fact, YouTube confirmed that their experiment utilizes the same technology as Google’s music recognition feature.

While other music recognition apps like SoundHound and MusixMatch also offer similar functionality, YouTube and Google’s vast user base and popularity make their new search-by-song feature particularly intriguing. Nevertheless, it may still be worth exploring alternative apps for music discovery purposes.

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