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WhatsApp has now introduced the feature to attach short video messages in your conversations.

Meta has unveiled a new feature, offering users the ability to send short video messages via WhatsApp. Announced last Thursday, this addition to the platform allows for a more dynamic way to communicate and interact with your contacts.

These video messages can be up to 60 seconds long, encapsulating a moment or thought in a brief, yet expressive format. The best part? Your sent videos are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption, ensuring your privacy and security.

“Video messages are a real-time method to respond to chats in your own unique way within a 60-second window,” Meta explained in a post introducing this novel feature. “We envision this as a fun and engaging way to share moments, capturing all the emotion that videos can convey, be it wishing someone a happy birthday, sharing a laugh over a joke, or delivering good news.”

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How to Send a Video Message on WhatsApp

To create and send a video message on WhatsApp, simply switch to video mode and hold down the record button. To record hands-free, lock the recording by swiping up.

When you receive a video message in a WhatsApp chat, it will automatically play on mute. You can tap the display to activate the sound.

The video message feature has already begun to roll out. However, Meta assured that it will be accessible to all users in the coming weeks. So, if you haven’t seen this feature yet on your app, don’t fret! It should arrive soon.

This new development comes hot on the heels of another update from a couple of months ago. WhatsApp introduced an editing feature, which has been highly requested by users over the years. This feature allows you to rectify that pesky typo or rephrase a message to improve its clarity, provided you do it within 15 minutes of sending the message.

Previously, the only way to amend a WhatsApp message was to delete it entirely and compose it again from scratch. This recent upgrade certainly streamlines the process, making communication smoother and more efficient for users everywhere.

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