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What I Bought Today? Level Up Your Home With These Household Items

The ideas for home improvement are endless, but it can be confusing trying to figure out what to do or buy. These expertly picked products will help you make your home better than ever. I will show everything from cleaning, organizing, and tools that are useful for everyone’s home. Let me be the one to help you with this whole home improvement ordeal!

Are you looking for a sprayer and faucet combo that is ideal for your sink? This model can be used to mount on a standard kitchen sink deck. The stainless steel construction gives it a modern look as well as durability that will last long even with high demands. The 360-degree swivel of the spout lets you easily wash all areas of the sink.

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360 Degree Rotation Stream Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

If your refrigerator is small and you lack storage space for food containers, the Fridge Organizer Under Shelf Drawer Box is just what you need. Designed to fit under the shelf of a standard refrigerator, the box can be used for storing fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Your fridge will look neat and orderly after you install this organizer.

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Fridge Organizer Under Shelf Drawer Box

With this household electric pepper & salt grinder, you can be assured of perfectly seasoned food every time! The Household Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder is battery-powered, and its intelligent one-handed design makes it extremely easy to use, so you can season your food at the click of a button! The grinder is designed with an Adjustable Magnetic Coarse Grinding Wheel, and you can easily adjust coarseness for perfect grinding.

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Household Electric Pepper & Salt Grinder

The under-cabinet glass holder rack is a perfect way to store and display your favorite wine, beer, and soda glasses, plates, mugs, or any other glassware. While you are cooking or serving a meal it will be easy for you to see where everything is without having to struggle and search for your kitchen items. All of them will be in one place for you to grab and serve your guests. he Under Cabinet Glass Holder Rack is an amazing product regardless of the purpose for which it will be used.

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Under Cabinet Glass Holder Rack

If you are looking for a practical and functional accessory to organize your kitchen items, Iron Space Saving Kitchen Sink Drying Rack is an ideal choice. It doesn’t take up much room and makes the area under your sink look tidy and clean by keeping all your small items such as sponges, soap bars, dish brushes, or rags neatly organized. What’s more, this tool is an ideal decorative item for your kitchen and bathroom. This will certainly contribute to enhancing your visual sense in addition to its practical use.

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Iron Space Saving Kitchen Sink Drying Rack

Anyone who’s looking for a storage box would definitely love this collapsible fabric storage case. The fabric promotes ventilation to keep your stored things dry and clean. If you’ve got blankets, clothes, towels, pillows, etc. lying around in the storage of your bedroom; or even worse, in bags & boxes all over your room; and you’re looking for a highly portable way to store them neatly and compactly, then try out this collapsible storage box! Whether you’ll be using it when camping outdoors, moving house, practicing emergency preparedness or if you just want a neat place to store all your stuff, this folding box will help you out with that. It’s also great for storing seasonal clothing and linens in the home.

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Foldable Home Stuff Storage Box

Having a mess of wires and cables around the house is both irritating and dangerous, especially if there are kids running around or if you have pets like cats and dogs. It’s easier to use wireless charging with a multifunctional socket that offers dual USB ports, wireless charging, and a phone stand. Hey! Not only can it hold your phone while it charges, but it can also improve the entire look of your home by bringing symmetry into the living area.

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Intelligent Wireles Charging Multifunctional Socket

What if I told you that there was a power tool that could enable you to do a chore within minutes, instead of hours or even days? Well, with the new innovation in technology, this is now possible. With the Electric Remote Control Window Cleaning Magnetic Brush Robot, you can easily clean your windows at home without any effort. The window cleaning robot saves time and effort, window cleaning is very convenient, time-saving. Solid and easy to use. I would totally recommend this for anyone, whether you’re a professional or novice window washer, this will do the job just fine!

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Remote Control Window Cleaning Magnetic Brush Robot

This adhesive hook is perfect for use in so many places. It’s small enough to fit on your car or entryway in your home, big enough to hold your umbrella. Also use it in your home, office, locker, or anywhere you want to hang a purse, umbrella, or anything else of similar size. It works great for hanging items on the wall…

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Functional Umbrella Hook

As you all know, painting a long wall is usually quite challenging. With the roller repair brush in hand, your painting time can be reduced by half. It allows you to keep a paint job from drying while you do more room touch-ups. You’ll need to have bags of extra cans of paint (for storing in the handle) but, once you have this roller mending tool, you’ll wonder how you ever tackled such a big project without it!

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Household Refill Roller Mending Tool Painting Brush

It’s the new and improved version of the toilet wand. You may think that you’re cleaning the bathroom thoroughly with your old brush, but you may not be. This easy-to-use tool offers a two-in-one solution, allowing you to clean multiple areas with just one tool. It cleans the toilet and the bathroom in a single step. Unique design for hygienic use and disposal. Eliminates the need to store a dirty, germ-ridden toilet brush. Sponge-like head conforms to the toilet bowl to clean hard-to-reach places. Foaming cleanser for a fresh refill each time.

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Disposable Household Bathroom Cleaner Brush

When decorating your bathroom, you must have a bath tissue box that is functional, durable, and attractive. It must match the color of the wall and it must be in perfect condition. You can use it to organize your bathroom tissue in an organized way. It will make your bathroom look more stylish and attractive. If you need a bath tissue box, use one from this collection because these bath tissue boxes are of good quality and price.

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Wall Mounted Bathroom Roll Paper Holder

Open your doors to the world of handwashing dishes with the LED Display Automatic Induction Foaming Hand Washer. This washer is equipped with infrared induction bubble technology; simply aim at the bubble-producing area, and bubbles will instantly start forming.

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LED Display Automatic Induction Foaming Hand Washer

The No-Drill Bathroom Shower Pole Rack is a new, ingenious product designed to save people the trouble, time, and money associated with drilling holes into their bathroom tiles/walls. The No-Drill Bathroom Shower Pole Rack is a simple, yet a dynamic product that gives users the option of installing a shower rack in a matter of minutes without drilling into their bathroom walls.

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No-Drill Bathroom Shower Pole Rack

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