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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and appreciation to your significant other. However, if you’re in a long-distance relationship it can be hard to celebrate the day with your loved one. Fortunately, with a little creativity, it’s possible to make February 14th extra special for your partner – no matter the distance! In this article we’ll provide some unique Valentine’s Day ideas for couples separated by distance.

Virtual Wine Tasting

source: Tastingin

Unable to travel to Italy this year? No issue. Escape your apartments by indulging in mouthwatering wine that is delivered right to your door. Wine tasting kits are available from businesses like Voluptuary Wine in a range of sizes, and there’s even the opportunity to reserve a professional guide for a virtual tour. After you share notes after the tasting, if you want to be even cuter, send them a bottle of the wine they enjoyed the most.

Stream A Movie or Show

Source: Thainakorn

So, you’re itching to watch a brand-new Netflix series, but you’d like to do so with a companion. Fair! Watch the same show on Netflix at the same time, stay in touch with them via text or FaceTime to get all of their juicy reactions, and even share snacks to make it seem like you’re actually together. Even better, use Teleparty, a Chrome extension that enables simultaneous viewing with one or more people without requiring human synchronization.

Gift Them A Spotify Playlist

source: Reddit

Include all the songs that make you think of your partner in addition to those that are particularly meaningful to you and your relationship, such as the tune that played during your first car ride together or perhaps even the tune a bystander hummed as you shared your first kiss. Listen to the playlist whenever you’re feeling lonely and only you two should have access to it.

Arrange A FaceTime Dinner Date

source: EndlessDistances

By “going on a date together,” you can spice up your routine FaceTime conversations. To have a virtual dinner date, you can each prepare your own personal favorites and then set them up in front of your cameras. Want to formally declare it? Take a cooking class online together. (Trust me, you can find them all over Google.)


Oh, and you’ll obviously want dessert too, so make it simple by having their favorite sweet sent to them by delivery.

Send A Video Message

Source: WFMYNews2

Sometimes it can be so much more intimate and delightful for your spouse to see and hear you rather than reading something themselves, whether you’re singing and dancing to your song or reading a meaningful love note aloud.

Send Them Something Handmade

Source: Stylesatlife

A gift doesn’t have to be pricey to be appreciated. A thoughtful gift you made yourself, such as a card or photo album, demonstrates your thoughtfulness and will act as a constant reminder of how much you care, even if you aren’t around.

Show Up IRL

Source: InspiringTips

What could be more romantic than arriving up when the other person wasn’t expecting you to? The ideal gift you can offer your significant other is time spent with them on what is undoubtedly the most romantic day of the year, if you can afford the cost of some extra gas money and the time off from work.

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