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Top 5 Apps to Boost Productivity


Productivity can be considered as a form of human currency. The more it is available, the more efficiency it can produce. We can get the best out of our daily lives if we can find ways to be productive in our daily lives. There are many factors in our environment which can get in the way of our productivity. In order to manage these factors and to achieve a balanced, productive state, we will look at 5 applications which we can incorporate in our daily life.


Source: Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is quite helpful when that thought suddenly occurs to mind which has to be written down. Similar to utilizing Post-it notes, this cloud-based note-taking program enables you to jot down ideas that you can later export to Google Docs. The great about Google Keep is that it is synced with your Google Account which means that you can access your notes from any device, anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. The application is basic in comparison with some other note-taking applications but because it is completely free and can be accessed from anywhere, it is a must-have.

Link: Google Keep

iOS: Google Keep – Notes and Lists (App Store)

Android: Google Keep – Notes and Lists for Android


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Taking notes and performing simple task management tasks are both made feasible by the multi-use app Notion. Because of its versatility, it is referred to as an all-in-one workplace app. Notion allows you the flexibility and creativity to arrange however you like, in contrast to other note-taking applications that impose a very rigid organizational structure on you. It has great text formatting and tasks can be shared and assigned. You are also eligible to create pages and folders for the organization of various items. Due dates and reminders can also be set. The application can also be integrated with Google Drive which allows you to access your Cloud storage. It comes with a free plan, a Personal Pro (monthly plan) for $4.99 and a Team Plan for $7.99/member. 

Link: Notion

iOS: Notion – notes, docs, tasks (App Store)

Android: Notion – notes, docs, tasks (Play Store)



Anki is a strong flashcard app that enhances learning through the use of spaced repetition, a proven scientific method to boost memory and learning. Anki continues to be our #1 choice for flashcard apps, despite testing a lot of others. Anki is better than other programs that offer learning through flashcards because it uses a systematic, spaced repetition technique.

To begin with Anki, make a flashcard like you normally would (a term on one side and a definition on the other, for example). After that, you arrange these cards into “Decks” according to the content you want to study.

Anki will display each card’s front to you once you are prepared to study. You flip the card over to disclose the answer when you believe you have correctly guessed it or were unable to remember it. Anki will ask you to rate how challenging it was for you to remember the answer after you’ve given it. When Anki decides to show you the card again, it will do so based on the difficulty rating which you have set. This could happen in just a few minutes or it could take a month.

To only review material when you’re going to forget it is the rationale behind this. By doing so, you can devote the majority of your study time on subjects or content that you find challenging while avoiding the need to go over knowledge you already possess. See how efficient it is? It is free to use except for its iOS application which retails for $24.99.

Link: Anki

iOS: AnkiMobile Flashcards (App Store)

Android: AnkiDroid Flashcards (Play Store)



Managing stress is key to enhancing productivity. If stress levels are not addressed, they can lead to anxiety and burnout, which are productivity killers. The Balance application is the perfect application for beginners and intermediates. It teaches you to meditate regularly with an option to allocate a specific time daily.

Balance can act as your meditation coach. You’ll be asked daily questions about your past meditation experiences, preferences, and aspirations. With the feedback, Balance will curate a customized daily meditation for you from a library of thousands of audio files.

Your meditations get more individualized and intricate over time, leading to lower stress and increased focus The daily meditations offered by Balance are divided into 10-day Plans that impart basic meditation techniques tailored to your objectives and requirements. You’ll learn to be more present throughout the day, concentrate better despite distractions, get better sleep, feel less anxious, and find deep relaxation during stressful times. By managing stress, you are not only boosting productivity but are also improving your mental and physical health, as meditation has been scientifically proven to have positive effects in these domains.

iOS: Balance: Meditation and Sleep (App Store)

Android: Balance: Meditation and Sleep (Play Store)


Source: Slack


A new method of team communication is brought to you by Slack. Compared to email, it is quicker, better structured, and more secure. Slack is more than simply a messaging app. It is a space which allows work flows among all of your teams, tools, clients, and partners. This is especially useful for people who run businesses or who work in teams. There is no need to forward a ton of emails to the person joining your project because every content in Slack channels is searchable. Along with real-time messaging, Slack also has built-in file sharing, calls, clips, and other features which lead to effective collaboration. Never miss an attachment again by connecting over 2,400 applications to Slack, including your calendar and the tools you use every day. You can automate processes for common meetings and tasks like approvals and requests to reduce back-and-forth communication which leads to efficient usage of time and increased productivity.

Link: Slack

iOS: Slack (App Store)

Android: Slack (Play Store)


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