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“The Future of Cycling: How These Creative Bike Designs Will Change the Way We Ride”

As cycling has become an increasingly popular form of transportation in recent years, new bike designs have emerged that are revolutionizing the way we ride.

These bicycles and tricycles are made expressly to help you ascend challenging, steep paths that your top-of-the-line mountain bike or e-bike cannot help you ascend by pedaling. This is accomplished without impairing the ability to descend or ride far. In most cases, you can also keep up with traditional bicycles.

Website: Ascendu Bike

An elliptical bike is a type of exercise equipment that offers an effective cardiovascular workout without the need for excessive joint stress. By simulating a pedaling motion, users are able to engage in low-impact aerobic activities with minimal physical strain. This machine uses two footplates that move in an elliptical pattern, providing resistance as the user pedals and maintaining smooth, natural range of motion. Additionally, some models may include stationary arm handles that allow for upper body exercises as well.

Website: ElliptiGO Bike

Twicycle was created as a result of the desire to get a full-body workout while cycling outside and the realization that there was no such accessible product on the market at the time. In a couple of months, it went from being an idea to a functional prototype to a proof of concept.

Website: Twicycle

The AeYO design team believed that now was the ideal time to introduce their innovative vehicle, which combines an inline skate with a bike, as more people want to get around the city on two wheels. Even a small amount of scooter is included.

Website: AeYO Scooter

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