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The Best Free and Paid Icon Websites

Icons are very important in many digital and printed designs, especially in web design. The use of icons is a powerful, modern, and good way to inform the audience about the content of the design. But it can also lead to confusion if used incorrectly. In this blog, we have compiled websites where you can find icons suitable for your audience. 

A great icon drawing site where you can draw your own icon! You can choose the one you want among various icon templates and turn it into a suitable icon for you. Thanks to the Autodraw tool, it automatically adjusts the stripes and other shapes you draw in accordance with the icon. You can free draw if you want.

Click Here: Autodraw

Animated icons are not much used nowadays. But it’s a good way to promote your brand and design. Here is a website that offers us many colorful and innovative icons. There are more than 150,000 free and licensed icons in Icons8.

You have to pay a fee to access some icons on the site.

Click Here: Icons8

Flaticon is one of the easiest-to-use icon websites on the market. Most icons are customizable. If you are looking for a professional icon, you can find an icon for yourself from the premium icons. Premium icons are paid.
Click Here: FLATICON

The website where icon designers meet! You can find unique icons on this website, free or paid, as its purpose is to cater to the works of various designers. It is even possible to contact the designers and create your own custom icon.

Click Here: Dribble

It is a website where you can buy whatever you want among 5000 icons, all of which are of their own design. After trying the free pack you want, you can buy the icon that suits you. Discover these completely hand-drawn icons from 101 different categories! 

Click Here: Icon54

UXWing is a website for downloading free icons. Each icon in UXWing can be used for commercial purposes. You can find and download the icon that suits you among many categories. PNG, SVG, and font icons are available. All icons are optimized. You can also improve the appearance of the icon you find using CSS properties.

Click Here: UXWing

Are you ready to discover incredible icons? When it comes to icons, Iconscout is the website you’re looking for. With Premium, you can access nearly 3 million icons and use any icon you want. You can find all kinds of icons you are looking for. Iconscout is very easy to use. Thanks to the Icon Editor, you can make any magic you want for your icon. You can break the limits using the tools on the site.

Iconscout is free, but if you want access to all its features, you need to purchase Iconscout. 

Click Here: Iconscout


Tabler Icons is a set of over 550 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects. You can add Tabler Icons to your website project via an NPM module, or paste the SVG code directly in HTML.

Click Here: TablerIcons

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